Monday, October 01, 2007

This and That...

So many things to say, so little let me just try to write this post quickly.

1. Watched Evan Almighty last night. Here are my fave quotes from the movie:

"How do you change the world? By doing one act of random kindness at a time."

"If you ask God for patience, do you think He will give it to you just like that or do you think He will give you the OPPORTUNITY to be patient?"

"If you ask God that your family be closer, do you think He will give it to you just like that or do you think He will give you the OPPORTUNITY to be closer to your family?"

I must say that the movie has some touching moments and funny moments. It isn't TOO funny, but still it's not too bad he he he...

2. The other day I chatted with a friend of mine. She said that she was stuck between a couple. Both parties trusted her and told her about their relationship problems. However, they wouldn't talk about it to each least not yet. My friend's got a dizzy head now 'coz she can't possibly tell on each other's TRUE feelings, as it means she's betraying their trust.

I wonder why do people do that? I'm not talking about your partner's idiosyncracies or annoying habits. It's a risk you have to take for being together with someone and you know as well that the other person'll have to handle your idiosyncracies. I'm talking about serious problems that NEED to be solved. If they're not solved, then the relationship will be sour or the problems'll pile up and there will be an explosion sooner or later.

Back in Indo, my Mom's also in the same position. Her brother told her about his marriage problems, and then his wife also told her about the same problems from her point of view. Mom tried to give advice to each one of them gently so that they could talk things through. However, none of them was willing to do it. Each of them pointed fingers at each other, saying that the other wouldn't listen to them, anyway. Why should it be that way? I know that sometimes you have your guard up and the other person also has his/her guard up, but shouldn't they TRY to do something to save the relationship other than just vent to a third party? Shouldn't they TRY to do something to save the relationship AFTER they seek for advice or suggestion from a third party?

I posted this discussion on MyLot (I've been trying to make some money online by going to MyLot), and it seems there are various reasons. These are the things they said hindered the couple from talking things through:

1. Ego.
2. They don't really want to try to solve the problems. They just need someone so that they can vent their emotion.
3. Fear of confrontation or hurting the other person's feelings.
4. Sometimes in a relationship there comes a point when talking is unbearable. (Gee, I sure do WISH it won't happen to us!!!)
5. Fear of not being listened to.

Oh well...I know a relationship is HARD WORK, but if you're not even trying to make it work, what good things can you expect from it???

3. To all mothers out there, I have a question for you: What are the hardest things in motherhood based on your personal experiences?

;-D You can either tell me here or write a post in your blog he he he he...I'm just curious 'coz I'm not a mother yet, but I want to know what a mother thinks or feels.

OK, time for me to go to the supermarket. I'm planning to make my own pizza from scratch, so it's gonna take A LONG time ha ha ha ha...

Before I forget, let me just add this quick list of 3BT (Weekend Wrap):

1. Sunny weather without a single cloud in the sky on Saturday.
2. Playing cards with my mother-in-law, hubby, and mother-in-law's sister and I LOST HA HA HA HA HA HA...
3. Making my mother-in-law and her sister laugh by (almost) forgetting to take my bag when we were going back home hi hi hi hi...Boy, I'm SO forgetful these days!!!
4. Hiding my hubby's yoghurt while he wasn't looking HI HI HI HI...We were preparing to watch a movie and then he realized that his yoghurt cup was gone HI HI HI HI...
5. Though hubby pretended to sulk for a little while (he refused to share his yoghurt with me), after he was done, he went to the fridge in the middle of the movie and poured me some yoghurt after all. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!
6. The smell of strawberry and banana wafting to my nostrils whenever I opened my fridge door. Heaven!!!!


  1. You're such a happy girl, reading your blog makes me smile.

    I'll try to do a blog on motherhood soon. Let me mull this in my head for a while first.

  2. To all mothers out there, I have a question for you: What are the hardest things in motherhood based on your personal experiences?

    Being consistent! If I tell my children something, I have to make sure if they disregard what I told them, that I will follow through with the consequences.

  3. Hey Buddy!!

    Wish you success on your pizza project. Drop me a line tomorrow to let me know how it goes ok?

    Good Evening to you!!!

  4. About the couple you mentioned -- maybe all couples eventually find at least one subject where they are in total disagreement and every time they try to talk about it, it turns into a bad scene. I know my husband and I have this one subject that we have got to find a way to talk about because we have such different views on it.
    About motherhood -- the hardest part for me has been the hurt that I feel when my kids have been hurt or are going through a difficult situation that I'm not able to fix.

  5. Blur Ting: Glad I made you smile. ;-D OOOHHH YEESSS, I'm SO interested in motherhood posts. ;-D

    Lori: THANKS for your answer. ;-D I DO appreciate it. Learning from mothers is one thing I enjoy. ;-D

    Water Learner: Hi, Karen, my pizza project went FINE. ;-D It took a long time, though he he he...but it's SO satisfying!

    Kathy: never crossed my mind before. Yes, I suppose it can happen, too. THANKS for sharing your experience on being a mother. ;-D

  6. I feel for your friend. I used to have the same problem with a couple that would tell me all about their serious issues with each other and lean on me wayyyyyyy too much. After the woman told me she was cheating on her boyfriend, I knew that things were spiraling way out of control and stopped hanging out with them. I just couldn't do it anymore. They were sucking me dry like an emotional vampire.

  7. Antibarbie: Well, right now I'm not in that situation, but my friend is he he he...

    I KNOW what you mean, though. My friend's also having a dilemma 'coz the girl wants to break up with him, but the guy's actually sure that they belong together and that they'll get married. It's such a crazy life.

    I understand your decision to stop hanging out with them. ;-D