Monday, October 01, 2007

Computer Desk Meme

Karen from WaterLearner tagged me to do this meme. This is a bit hard for me he he he...

What is your suggestion to make the computer desk more comfortable?

Please put the answers on this list:

Trinity said the keyboard and mouse position should be in low level... in our lap may be...

Maurica said : For me, I need a cordless mouse, that's vital to make my work more comfortable, esp since I'm in front of the pc most of the time! :):):)

Janice said...I need a new working desk, the current one is converted from a dressing table, its a bit uncomfy to work on.

Ed said:
I have a clear view of everything in the room, including a new TV on the other wall so I can do my work and catch a little TV at the same time.
A foot rest where I am seated, just underneath my keyboard.
Since I yearn for a U-shaped workstation, I definitely want my things to be easily reached.

Karen said:
A comfortable workdesk for me must be neat and tidy. A place for everything and everything at it's place. I would begin my day by sorting the documents that I need to look through in the order that I would attend to throughout the day. A short To-Do List would also be drafted to keep me focused.

Most importantly, I would clear my desk at the end of the day before I leave the office. This is somewhat like a routine to mentally end the work day so that when I am home, I am really mentally and physically home.

This is my answer:

Since I'm unemployed, for me as long as I have everything I need on my computer desk, then I'm happy. My computer desk's not too tidy but it's comfy enough for me hi hi hi...I have a mug filled with pens and pencils nearby that's quite handy. More importantly, I like to have a big mug of water on my desk 'coz I drink a lot and I don't like going back and forth to get my drink. I rest my feet on top of a small speaker that my hubby puts on the floor below my computer desk (I find it quite handy as my legs are short LOL!!!). Oh, and I have a lamp table next to my monitor so that when it gets dark here, I simply need to turn it on. Voila!!!

Oh, and one thing I love is having a headset and microphone ready, so whenever I need to listen to anything without bothering my hubby, I can just put it on. Plus there's this media hub that my hubby plugs so that if I want to listen to any music from the computer using the speakers, I only need to turn on the button to switch from speaker to headset. I find it very practical!

I'm not going to tag anybody, but if anybody wants to do this meme, be my guest he he he...


  1. Amel, aku juga dari Bandung nih... :-) seneng banget bisa ketemu orang bandung! Aku blum punya blogger friend org bandung lho!

    thks for doing this tag!


  2. =)) SO funny when you mentioned about the speaker!! :D

  3. Trinity: Hi, Trinity, nice to meet a fellow countrywoman!!!! ;-D It's MY pleasure to do the tag he he he...

    Choc Mint Girl: HA HA HA...Yeah, I just found the speaker SO perfect for my short legs hi hi hi hi...

  4. Amel, I hop over from Karen & glad to know that you are from Indonesia. I'm from Sg :)

    Janice Ng

  5. Hi, Janice, THANKS for dropping by and nice to meet you!!!

  6. Hey Amel!!

    I see that you have done this tag! Thanks!

    Hey...secret language between Trin and Amel! I can't understand!

  7. Water Learner: HA HA HA...Trin's just introducing herself to me and saying that she's happy to find a fellow Bandungese!!! ;-D

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