Monday, November 10, 2008

3BT: November 9-10, 2008

1. I've found a training place! AT LAST! Went to the library earlier and the manager said I could start on November 24th since next week the library's gonna be closed for 2 days due to something. I need to sort out the papers first (need to have the contract paper), but it's all good. Phew!!!

It's going to be one month training as usually the training contract is that long, and then we'll see how it goes from there.

2. Met the VERY friendly guy that I had met months ago at one of the flea markets. He still remembered who I was since he chatted with me at the flea market and his first question was, "If I remember correctly, one of your relatives is supposed to have a baby in fall. Is that right?"

At first I didn't understand how he could get that info, but then I remembered that I was looking at baby clothes at that flea market and he asked why I bought some he he he he...We chatted for a while and he spoke pretty slowly and without using any slang words, so it was easy for me to understand and it was GOOD practise for me too!!! YYYYEEESSSS!!!

I hope I remember his face, though, so that next time I see him downtown, I can at least smile at him HE HE HE HE...Don't you LOVE meeting friendly people? ;-D

3. A can of raspberry cider MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...I'm going to sip it slowly tonight HO HO HO HO HO...

4. Finding these surveys below and some opps and other money-making opportunities even though my blog PR is 0 right now he he he...HALLELUJAHHHHHH!!!!!

5. Yesterday R2's second brother gave us these two lovely flower paintings hi hi hi hi...THANK YOU, J!!! ;-D

6. Eating our anniversary and Father's Day's cake yesterday and eating MIL's plentiful food. YUM YUM...

7. Laughing with R2 last night as he SCARED me to death by hiding behind the shadows and surprised me with his appearance as I walked out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth. BAD BOY he he he he he...

8. The feel of a clean-shaven face on my face...mmmmmm...yummy!!!


  1. Congrats on the training contract! And it's always really nice to know that people have actually remembered what you said :)

  2. congrats for your training :)

  3. The raspberry cider sounds like it would be something I could go for.

    And yes, friendly people are good to find.

  4. congrat that you found training place :)

  5. Yes, good news on the work front! Oh, raspberry cider sounds yummy. I love cider!

  6. Cograts on the training job. I hope you enjoy it there and that it leads to good things for you.

    We bought strawberry cider last year at the one market. It was lovely.

  7. Bitter Chocolate: Yup, just got the contract today! ;-D And yeah, I was SO surprised that he remembered what I told him!!! WOW!!!

    Nyumix + Jeanne: THANKS!!!

    74wixygrad: Yups, the raspberry cider was EXCELLENT! ;-D

    Blur Ting: THANKS!!! You LOVE cider, too? GREAT! ;-D

    Michelle: Yes, I hope it'll be enjoyable. At least it seems there's MUCH work to be done there, so my hours won't be boring he he he he...

    Strawberry cider, eh? I think I've only tasted raspberry, apple, and pear cider! Would love to taste strawberry cider too! ;-D

  8. Congrats, Amel! It's great news and I love to read all the beautiful things! :)

  9. CMG: THAAANNNKKKSSSS!!! I'll keep you guys updated about what's going on during the training he he...