Friday, November 07, 2008

FreshFunds for Healthy Living

Have you seen this cute video clip about The Sproutwells? I've never even heard of the name before, you know? Sproutwells are veggies and in this video clip below, you can see that this family of Sproutwells are techi-holics. Am I a techi-holic, too? Well, maybe so, since I DO spend lots of time online at home, especially when I'm not doing any training he he...

Anyway, from this video clip I also learn about freshfunds. It's a US site that encourages us to eat healthily. For US citizens, if you join the site and then bid and win specially marked products, such as:

a. Chiquita Fruit and Veggie Bites
b. Fresh Express Gourmet Cafe Salads
c. Fresh Express Packaged Salads

Then you'll gain points. What are the points for? You can use the accumulated points to win prizes or you can give a donation to charity. So by buying healthy food, you can also either get prizes or help other people. Isn't that GREAT?

Anyway, people, health is VERY important, so let's eat healthily and stay fit by doing some type of exercise regularly, shall we?


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