Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Squirrel + The Reindeer

I was ECSTATIC since when we arrived at my in-laws yesterday, I spotted the squirrel! He would come back and forth from the bushes to the "food source", so I decided to stay out to take better pictures of the cutie. I stood still around 2 metres away from the "food source" and I got BETTER pics indeed! I also took some video clips, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll do it later, OK?

The bad part was that it was cold (around -8'C and I mustn't move too much, so after the photo and video shoot was done, my toes were COOOOLLLLLDDDDD. The temp. went down to -16'C last night.)

Here's The Cutie from different angles and in different poses he he he...You can click the pictures to see bigger versions, so you can see the details more clearly.

My FIL said that he was really tame. Since he is used to my FIL's presence, he'd come out from the bushes, run across the front part of the house to the "food source" he he he...

Then after lunch I got out to the lake on a kicksled. Upon arriving there, I saw a group of REINDEER crossing the frozen lake. Too bad I couldn't go too near since I was afraid I'd scare them away. Even so, they STOPPED their tracks and stared at me from afar. Probably wondering what I was doing HA HA HA HA HA HA...I also managed to take short video clips of them (though not as close as the squirrel), which I'm going to upload later. Anyway, here they are...

See this picture? They were staring at ME!!! HUE HE HE HE HE HE...

In this last picture, they were running away just as I was about to approach them slowly from the lake. Why? Because the neighbour's dog was barking, so they ran as fast as they could. Uuuuhhhhhhh...Well, better luck next time then!


  1. The squirrel is sooo cutttteee... :D If you could just grab one hahahaa... Does it bite?!

    Lovely pix of the reindeers, Amel. So lovely especially the 2nd pix. It really makes me feel... breathless... don't know why, maybe because of the sky or my imagination if I was there myself... hmmm...

  2. Sooooooooo cuuuuuutteeeeeee

  3. CMG: Yeah, I wish I could grab and pet it ha ha ha...Nope, it doesn't bite. I just watched it run back and forth and eat he he he... you like the second one too? One person also said the same thing as you did he he he...

    Nyumix: Glad you liked them. ;-D

  4. These pictures are the best! Thanks for sharing.

    The squirrel ones look like Christmas cards and I love the reindeers. I have never seen a real reindeer!

  5. Thanks for sharing the photo's they are awesome. I really like the reindeer.

  6. Wow Amel these are fantastic. Oh it looks cold though so stay bundled up good.

    Oh I do so hope that you continue to share all of these great photos with us.:D

  7. cute pictures of the squirrels..

  8. hi amel! these Two Pink Awards are for you ;) *hugs*

  9. Fantastic pics Amel.. really great.. and of course that Squirrel is in his mid-change coat.. half red and half white - his winter camouflage! They are so cute.

    You reindeer pic could be used for a postcard! Wonderful.

    I had a treat today! I saw my first ever real live Owl in the wild. (Ive seen them live before at an Owl sanctuary park in the UK, but thats different). This was flew onto a branch of the tree, right outside my bedroom window! DAYTIME!!! 1.30pm!! Couldn't believe it! It was very small though about 15cm - definitely not much more. I wondered if it were a baby...but there are small I will have to investigate see what it was. Sadly no pics...I was so enthralled to see it!

  10. great pictures amel It looks so beautiful up there despite the cold brrrrrrr, lol

  11. Hi Amel!

    It must be soooo cold for you Tropical Bunny!

    I LOVE the photos!!!! Fabulous!!!!!!!!

    Oh and by the way…

    …tag you are it!

    Here is the tag or just visit Life on the Blade….

  12. Wow, your camera rocks! The pictures are lovely and so close-up.

  13. omg....AWESOME shots, Amel. Now, I am little bit jealous of ur new camera hi hi hi

  14. The World According to Me: You're VERY welcome! I was just glad I was there with my camera to capture the moments he he he...

    So someday you'd better visit Lapland as you'll definitely see plenty of reindeer here he he...

    Dawn: Glad you enjoyed them! ;-D

    Shinade: Yeah, it was cold, but no problem...I just had to bundle up he he he...

    Jeanne: Yeah, the squirrel was SOOOO cute he he...;-D

    Liza: Awards for me? THANKS SO MUCCCCHHHH!!!! HUGS baccckkk!!!

    Michelle: An owl? WOW! Well, maybe next time you can take a pic of one! I'm dying to take a pic of a hare. I've seen its tracks near Kelujärvi, but no luck yet he he...

    Coltfan: Glad you liked them! ;-D

    LS: Well, it's cold but my body's getting used to it. Last year was tougher for me he he he...

    A tag, eh? I have to think about it first he he...LOVELY reading yours! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, I was SO happy about the camera, though I still have to learn to use it as there are so many featuresss he he he...

    Jul: Well, I'm sure someday you'll have a better camera...once you have extra money he he he...

  15. I think that squirrel has the same hair dresser as Don King.

    And please don't scare those reindeer away. I got a big list in to Santa and he might need the extra reindeer to bring all of it to me.

  16. 74WIXYgrad: Don King? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...You may be right! ;-D

    No, I wanted the reindeer to stay since I want to take better pics of them. But don't you in Lapland they say the number of reindeer is the same amount as the residents he he he...