Saturday, November 22, 2008

ABBA Fever!

Ever since I saw "Mamma Mia" (with the hilarious Pierce Brosnan singing hi hi hi...he's still handsome, by the way!), I've been having ABBA Fever.

I remember that my Dad had a cassette of their best songs ever and we used to listen to the songs every day when he took us to school (after he could buy a car), so you can say that I grew up listening to their songs he he he...

So here's a weekend song!!! Meryl Streep with Mamma Mia!


  1. I really want to watch this movie!!!

  2. btw, meryl streep is 60 years old, but she doesnt look that old, right? Got to be like her...

  3. duh... I really have to watch this!!! pierce brosnan... you are sooooo... yummy.. hahaha

  4. Hahaha... that was funny! :D

    'Dancing Queen' by ABBA is my fave. :)