Monday, November 17, 2008

Video Clips: Squirrel + Reindeer

Well, here are the two video clips as promised. Mind you that in both video clips, I combined a few short video clips so you would be able to know the transition he he...

For this reindeer video clip, turn up your volume and you'll hear that one of the reindeer has this "bell" on its neck since I heard "clang, clang, clang" he he he...and of course you could also later on hear the dog's barking.

I lost some focus on the camera in some parts of this reindeer clip. I should've turned off the intelligent auto feature before taking the video, but I had no time since I rushed to get closer to take the video for fear that they'd leave soon he he he...


  1. Mine & Randy's daughter Faith loved your video clips. SHe thinks the squirrel is adorable and that the reindeer belong to Santa.

  2. yes, I love this clip.. so cute!! Wanna have squirrel as pet! can i?

  3. Dawn: GLAD Faith loves them! ;-D

    Trinity: Well, if you live here, just take out some food and the squirrel will come he he...

    Jul: Glad you liked them! ;-D