Friday, November 07, 2008

Bougenville Valley

When R2 and I were in Bandung, my uncle told us that he'd take us to a nice place before we flew back to Finland. So he did take us to that place. It's called Bougenville Valley and it's located near Maribaya (around 1 hour away by car from my house). We went there with my uncle, his wife, my Mom, and my Mom's elder sister. My Dad was supposed to come with us, but he made a disappearing act.

These days each morning he'd walk to a nearby park and he'd play chess there. Usually he comes home already at around 9.30 or 10 am and he'd take a nap. My uncle and aunt came by at around 9 am already and we waited for Dad until 10.30 am, but still no sign of him. So after waiting until 11 am, we decided to leave him behind.

The air in that valley is cooler than in the city and we had to go through a small road to get there.

First pic: Me feeding the STARVING fish in one pond. There's a separate fishing and feeding pond there, but we didn't try fishing. I think they didn't feed the fish on purpose, as they were REALLY starving. Even when you walked nearby, they'd FOLLOW you around!!!

Second pic: We brought some food there so that we'd save money HI HI HI...We had rice, CHILI paste, gepuk (some kind of flattened meat), and cow's intestines HO HO HO HO...SO DELICIOUS!!!

Why were we laughing in the pic? Since one of us said, "R2 must be thinking that we're barbarians since we eat with our hands." LOL LOL LOL!!!

There are plenty of "saung" (a table where you can sit down with a canopy above you) like the one above in the area and near each "saung" there's a toilet. So the layout of the place is really good, even though it might be slightly difficult for old people to navigate since the road is going up and down and up and down...

The next pic was taken from nearby our "saung". There were plenty of trails around the area and we went up there to the place I marked as "X". We had to go up some paths and stairs...PHEW!!! Pretty tiring, esp. in the parts uncovered by trees as it could get pretty hot there he he he...

Next pic: One of the flowers in the area.

Next pics: I don't have to explain he he he...

As you can see, Bandung is surrounded by mountains. If you go somewhere higher, you can see it very clearly.

Next pic: The only complaint I have is that the water in the pond isn't clear HE HE HE...

Next pic: You can see that the pathway is leading's easier to navigate, but when you have to go back to the car park, then you have to trudge uphill HE HE HE...

Left to right: Me - Mom's Elder Sister - Mom - Mom's Elder Brother's Wife

OK, I guess that's enough for now. I still have too many pics to show and I can't show them all he he he...


  1. You think so, about the fish in your 1st pic? Hihi... Anyway, nice family outing and the place is interesting especially for those who love nature. I love it when the air is cooler in the park. :) And, great idea for bringing your own food. :) So, where did your dad go?

  2. That place looks awsome. I wish I had the money to take family out of the country to see the world. But for now we have to roam here lol.

  3. to bad we got loss in bandung hi, we didn't visit that place.

  4. Oh wow, what a beautiful place!

    More photos, please. :-)

  5. Choc Mint Girl: My Dad played chess too long with somebody!!! He only came back home after twelve! Glad we didn't wait for him. He refuses to take mobile phone 'coz he says it's too hard for him to learn to use it he he...

    Fish: GLAD you enjoyed them! ;-D

    Coltfan: Well, what matters most is that you care for them and you take good care of them...taking the family out of the country isn't a huge priority. But maybe someday it can happen. Who knows? ;-D

    Jul: Ahhhh...I didn't know the place, either. If my uncle hadn't driven us there, we wouldn't have gone there HA HA HA...We didn't know the road to that place!

    Michelle: Okie dokey...I'll put some more later on he he...

  6. Looks like a really nice place. That picture of you with flowers is cute. I think that flower thrives in cooler climate cos I remember seeing alot of those up in the hills in Chiangmai, Thailand.