Sunday, November 02, 2008

Squirrel Video Clips

Two video clips of the squirrel I mentioned in my previous post.

Here are the links to youtube in case you want to watch it in high quality (to those of you with broadband internet access, that is) - don't forget to click on the "watch in high quality" right underneath the clips:

The thing is, the difference between the normal quality clips and the high quality ones is HUGE he he he...

But if you wish to see the normal quality clips, here they are:


  1. Cute rat with a furry tail! LOL

  2. LS: LOL LOL!!! Of all the squirrels I've seen here, this one is the cutest of all IMO!!! ;-D

  3. Amel….

    It is a very cute squirrel with extraordinary ears…

    Chocolate Girl is wondering if you are still loving Finland…and the snow…

  4. LS: I'll write down my feelings about going back to Finland in another post, OK? ;-D