Monday, November 10, 2008

The Play: Suurenmoista

Been busy, so haven't had time to blog-hop or drop EC cards. As you all know, Saturday was our culture trip day and yesterday was Father's Day in Finland, so we went to Kelujärvi to celebrate it. But first thing first...let me tell you about the play.

Yeah, yeah, I put the bubbles just for fun hi hi hi...Anyway, turned out that my choice of clothes was SOOOOO wrong!!! Why? Because when we got to Rovaniemi, it was slightly raining, so the snow was melting and it was SO wet!!! My beautiful white trousers were SO dirty by the time we arrived at the theatre at around 6 pm and I was slightly ashamed as other people were wearing beautiful clothes he he he...Oh well...

First we went to a furniture store and other stores. We found some nice pillows on a discount for us and my MIL. R2 found a nice computer chair that he'd been wanting and the price was OH, SO right!!! So he bought it right away. Then we went to a mall and browsed around and bought a few Christmas gifts and we found a Father's Day gift for my FIL.

After that we went to Rax's Pizza Buffet for dinner. It's the type of place where you could pay one price and eat as much as you could hi hi hi hi...There are pizzas, chicken wings, salad, soft drinks, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, lasagna, potatoes, and sausages. You can also buy a package with ice-cream cone, but we didn't get that one. Boy, we were SO full afterwards.

Anyway, after that we went straight to the theatre to pick up our tickets (R2's second brother had booked the tickets online and reserved the best seats so we only had to pay for them). Unfortunately of course I couldn't take any pictures while the play was on, but here are a few pictures I took around the area and while there was a break.

First pic: the ticket he he he...Vasen means left, so we entered from the left door. Rivi = row, paikka = seat number. So I sat on the 8th row on seat number 191.

Here's a map of the seats and I've marked my seat number with an X there. What's FANTASTIC about the seat arrangement is that my head is between the heads of those people sitting in front of me, so even though I'm short, I can still have a rather clear view of the stage.

I took a booklet and here's the page about Suurenmoista. The English title is Glorious!

There's this big banner inside the theatre building. ;-D

Here are the cast (marked with an X). Unfortunately I missed taking a pic of some others, so the marked ones aren't the complete cast he he he...

How was the play? FUNNY!!! It was the first time I went to a real theatre. It was smaller than I thought, but it was WORTH IT!!!

The first act was 50 minutes long and I must admit that I understood it more than the second act, though it's still easier to understand than watching a ballet show as I can still see their body language and stuff. There were parts that was HARD to understand, esp. when they spoke SO fast and more than one person talked at the same time. Phew!!! But all in all, I understand the gist and I understand some of the jokes FULLY, though some others I don't really get as they must be playing with words and there were definitely words that I didn't understand.

I'd love to find out how much MORE enjoyable it'll be after I've lived in Finland for 10 years and then I'll go watch this type of show again, though. ;-D

Anyway, the lighting and set and background are FABULOUS and the singing, too!!! The main character who plays Florence Foster Jenkins is WONDERFUL! She managed to sing "in an ugly, VERY funny fashion" every once in a while, though she still managed to show off her beautiful voice.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ending where the main character and the pianist sang a duet...LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!!!

We clapped and clapped and clapped until they came out THREE times he he he...It was a night to remember!!! I must say that I wonder how I'd feel like later on if I have the chance to watch my fave the Phantom of the Opera. I think even if it's done in ANY language, I'd understand it nonetheless as I've read the novel, I've listened to the CD over and over again, I've also watched the 1990 TV version and the latest movie version, as well. I KNOW the story so well that I wouldn't mind watching it in any language he he he he...

OK, enough babbling. Let me blog hop a bit and then I have to go to the library to ask about the training thingie. *cross my fingers*

Oops...almost forgot...two last pics: us inside the theatre and a pic of the stage, although it's not too clear as we had to use a certain feature so that the background of the "stars" could be seen, but it made some objects blurry hi hi hi...


  1. have wonderful weekend, Amel :D

    thanks for sharing the Opera. I never go to Opera before, I think i will fall asleep when I watch hi hi hi..

  2. That sounds exciting...I have never been to the Opera before...I love white trousers :) They are part of my favorite suit :)

    Have a nice week,

  3. The perv hehehe... that's funny! Wow, you bought X'mas gifts already? Niceee... I'm excited to shop for X'mas, yeah, not to spend over the budget tho'. :)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing about the play. Interesting! Except for the part about your white trousers. Oh well, at least it was dark inside the theatre...

  4. Jul: Well, it wasn't an opera, but a play, but I'd LOVE to see the Phantom of the Opera he he he...

    La Delirante: Well, it's not a full-blown opera, though I'd LOVE to watch an opera he he he he...

    So you love white trousers, eh? I don't usually buy 'em since it's SO easy to stain 'em and for some reason I always stain 'em ha ha ha...

    Choc Mint Girl: LOL!!! Well, I still have to buy some more X-mas gifts but I found something for R2 already since I had to make him try them on to make sure that they fit perfectly he he...

    Yups, LOVE shopping within budget, too! ;-D

    Yeah, it's true that at least it's dark inside the theatre hi hi...

  5. Operas are awesome. The sounds, the sights are very moving. I'm sure you would love Phantom of the Opera very much. I did!

  6. I think you look very pretty and not a perv... umm... well if you are a perv then we both are cos I do that too with my hubby. *GRIN*

    How tall are you and R2 again? I can't remember.

    The show looked and sounded very exciting. I went to a live musical once in SA and it was so much more exciting than watchinga movie. :-D I'd love to do that again some day.

  7. Blur Ting: Yes, I remember you saying that you saw it once. I'd LOVE it very much he he he...

    Michelle: LOL LOL LOL!!!!! R2 is around 176 cm and I'm 145 cm he he...

    Yeah, the reality of everything is different than watching a movie, eh? In a movie if something happens, you can "cut" it and fix it...but on stage there's MUCH less room for error he he he...

  8. Ahh, I'm 160 cm and Sandy's 180 cm. :-)

  9. Michelle:'re MUCH taller than me! ;-D