Monday, November 03, 2008

Faith vs Logic

Faith and logic don't go along. They love to debate against each other. In life, there are incidents and experiences that your logic can't comprehend. No matter how you look at it, you still don't get it. Yet the believer in you knows that everything happens for a reason and that God knows what's best for you no matter how painful or sad or sorrowful or frustrating it is.

There are times you think you've done your best, but still you still haven't got what you wish for. Your logic tries to retrace and rethink of what could be wrong, what you can do better next time. Your logic keeps on trying to recall and analyze every single detail, yet your faith knows that when God says no, it means no. And that can only mean that there is another door that He is opening or that He will open for you.

Other times God wants us to wait for His perfect timing, something our logic can't even start to comprehend. During the waiting period, we should also try to do our best to prepare for that appointed time. During that waiting period, we should still believe that whatever His decision is for us, we will have the strength and grace to go through it.

Other times something bad or a tragedy happens and you just don't know why it happened to you. You're deep down in guilt or sorrow or pain or shock...questioning yourself, questioning God, questioning life...

It all comes down to surrender, one thing that Michelle Frost has been writing in her blog over and over again. Life is MUCH TOUGHER when you constantly try to force yourself against the's like trying to walk against the current and soon enough you'll be tired, bitter, and angry.

Go with the flow...know that you're in VERY good Hands...know that His grace is sufficient...know that He knows best...but still don't stop living the best that you can do, don't stop doing all the beautiful things that you can do, don't stop trying to be the best that you can be...all for His glory!

I've been learning about surrender especially ever since I decided to move to seems that it's going to be coming a lot - this lesson on surrendering to God. Let go and let God...let me learn this lesson every day...may I grow to be wiser along with all the lessons I'm learning and re-learning with different depth and width as I go along...


  1. What a perfect post for me. I can totally relate to this one and you have said this ina way that makes sence to me. Great post.

  2. Dawn: I'm glad you could relate to this. This is based on not just my current personal experience, but also my closest friends' personal experiences. :-))))