Thursday, November 20, 2008

The V Word


Still want to go on?

YOU ARE WARNED!!!!!!! we go then...

Two nights ago I watched a show on TV about women who seek professional help in terms of their sexual life. They visit a well-known masturbation coach in America.

Anyway, one woman who comes from the UK hasn't made love to her husband for 10 years to due pain. She's gone to MANY MANY doctors who say that the pain is all in her mind. So as a last resort, she comes to this coach. The coach talks to her and then she finds out that she can't complete the session due to PAIN, PAIN, PAIN. A simple touch makes her grit her teeth in pain. The coach asks her if that happens whenever she makes love and she says yes. Mind you that she's got a teenage daughter already! Anyway, the coach then asks what happens then during making love. She says that she always has to endure the pain by grabbing a pillow or stifle her screams.

Uggghhhh...the coach says, "No wonder you're abstain from sex for 10 years!" Then she finds an explanation from a book about vulvodynia. Just click on the link to read what it is about.

What shocked me was that they find out that one out of TEN women in the UK suffer from this condition one time or another. It doesn't matter whether you've given birth or not, it can happen to you.

Anyway, the woman goes back to the UK and she and her husband are RELIEVED that now they know what is actually going on. For years and years she thought that she had made it up, especially since many doctors said that it was all in her head. Now that they know what it is, they can take steps to try to deal with the problem.

While browsing through the net, I found many stories about vulvodynia. Here is one of them:

I don't know if this book helps or not, but I also found this book:

Well, I hope none of you readers is affected by this condition, but the reason why I decided to share this is because IF any one of you who happens to read this actually experiences this condition, then she'll know that she's not alone and that she's not "hallucinating".


  1. i've heard of these pains but never knew it was called vulvodynia. thanks for sharing this info, i hope a lot gets to read this as this could be very helpful to those who suffer.

    take care. ;)

  2. I never even heard of this before. Very interesting. I hope all who suffer get's to read your post.

  3. Wow I have never heard of this before. I hope I never get it!!


  4. What a terrible condition *nodding*!

    I had heard of this type of pain; women really suffer with it (and their partners along with them) - it's awful!

    But I am glad that now there are books to inform these women, and I hope doctors read it too before starting giving out silly diagnostics...

    You did well to address this issue, and in the name of all women: thank you *bowing*!


  5. I've heard of this, but I didn't realise it affected as many as 10% of women. That's astounding!!

  6. I've read about couples especially girls who are having these pains, but I really have know idea about the 'V' word. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. damn that would suck ... for both partners

  8. Everybody: Indeed it sounds terrible and it sucks for both partners if the woman suffers from this condition. I hope that someday they find the best ways to help women deal with this.

    I was also SHOCKED when I found out that it affected many women! Ughhhh...