Monday, November 03, 2008

New Models from ZenniOptical

In Indonesia, I remembered to take Arttu to a few eyeglasses stores since he desperately needed a pair of new eyeglasses. His last prescription from his oculist was taken in 2001, so when we came to an affordable, reliable, quality eyeglasses stores, they asked him to redo the test for free after choosing the most suitable frames to make sure that the lenses were still the same (-3.25 and -3.50). We were pleased to know that his eyes didn't deteriorate!!! Phew!!!

Why did he buy the eyeglasses in Indonesia? Of course because it's MUCH cheaper than buying them in Finland. After all, with this tight economical situation, cutting budgets is necessary here and there.

For those of you who are looking for affordable, quality, fashionable eyeglasses, ZenniOptical dot com is definitely a must-visit website. Since Christmas is also coming near, you can also buy your loved ones (wife, husband, kids) new glasses from this site, as the site also sells fashion glasses. Whether you're looking for metal or plastic frames, rimless frames, half rim frames, or full rim frames, they have them all! And they've put a list of categories on the sidebar so that it's easy for you to navigate the site!

Look what I found in the site! Isn't this pair of glasses cool? I LOVE the morning glory design on the temples. I wonder how I look like if I wear these he he he...


  1. That's rather cool and i am sure it would be very nice with a proper make up

  2. Burcu: Yeah, a proper make-up would fit this type of glasses, eh? ;-D

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