Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 1 of Training

INTERESTING!!! That's what I can say about being a helper at the library he he he...

First I was introduced to everybody who was there, then I had to wait for my trainer for about 10 minutes. She came and then showed me around the place. She told me about how they organized the shelves and the books on the shelves. Then she told me about the process of putting the books to the shelves: they had to find out what the books were, then they had to put plastic covers and bar code label and some other label. Then they had to register the books to the bar code machine before putting them on the shelves. Old books were put in their small warehouse. It was COOL to know all these things!

My first task was to return the returned books to the shelves. Then I had to organize Christmas books on a special shelf. Then I was told how to use the bar code machine as they took out some old books from the warehouse. Then I was told to stamp plenty of old cassettes with the label "taken out".

So it's been FAR busier than my other two training experiences. I just hope it keeps up he he he he...well, even if I don't have too much to do on other days, I can always read something as they have SO MANY books he he he he...

Anyway, let me share some more pics taken from last weekend!

First pic: this is something I WANT for myself!!! See that red sled where the little girl is sitting? I WANT ONE!!! I want to sit on it and slide down the snowy hill one day he he he...Actually, it's also VERY practical to drag your son/daughter on the sled while going out, unless your kid acts up and runs away HA HA HA HA HA...

Second pic: The Kitinen bridge (near downtown Sodankylä) and its frozen river.

Third pic: These birds are flying around the bridge-river area and then they landed on the frozen river for a little while. It was a BEAUTIFUL sight as they flew here and there together as a group...mmmm...

OK, I'll blog-hop tomorrow as I'm pretty tired now he he he...


  1. Beautiful images as usual Amel :)

    Hope you're doing well, but I can see that already.

    An early Merry Christmas.

  2. glad to know that you enjoyed your first day of training

  3. Glad to hear you had such a great day at training. Sounds like a fun place to work. Love the photos. The red sledge does look like fun :-)

  4. it sounds like you'll handle the training just fine. Love the winter pictures. It's just sad that it's winter already and that it gets dark so soon, so fast.

  5. Cute to drag the kid around on a sleigh. Hmm, I wonder if Ican drag Rusty around on that thing too? Do you think dogs like Rusty would be too cold or must he put on some clothes?

  6. Training sounds interesting indeed and as always you have lovly photo's.

  7. like Jeanne said, glad you enjoy your training.

    Makes you more busy everyday and get money also :D

  8. How about your colleagues Amel? Did they behave u good :)? You know it's important to get on well with your colleagues! Then it will be easier to get used your working place!

  9. I want to work in a library too! But I will spend most of my time reading, not putting the books back on the proper shelves! :)

  10. Shan: THANKS, Shan!!! And yeah, I'm doing well he he...GLAD to see you back! ;-D

    Jeanne: Yup!!! ;-D

    Fish: Yeah, I WANT WANT WANT that red sledge HE HE HE HE...

    Coltfan: GLAD you liked 'em! ;-D

    Vince: Yup, so far everything is fine and if I'm not sure about anything, I can always ask the seniors he he...

    Blur Ting: I'm not sure if Rusty can be dragged around on that thing since he'd probably run run run he he he...Here in many stores there are warm jackets for dogs, so maybe Rusty'd better wear it! ;-D

    Dawn: THANKS!!!!!!! ;-D

    Jul: Yeah, good experience and I'll get some extra money he he...

    Burcu: My colleagues are fine and they smile a lot HE HE HE HE HE HE...It's not actually real work...I'd better explain it in another post about this training...

    Jenny: HA HA HA HA HA HA...that's a GOOD type of job!!! Reading at the library and getting money ha ha ha...maybe you can translate books if you love reading so much and you'd love to get paid for it! ;-D

  11. I'd love to be surrounded by all those books!

    I love your pictures. I wouldn't mind being dragged along on that sleigh!

  12. Hi again,

    Beautiful pictures!!

    Your job seems easy...but we never know how it will continue to be - first days seem always easy!
    I like the idea of having so many books to it for free for you?