Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Questions, Thoughts, More Thoughts

I feel that my brain's overloaded with questions and thoughts these past week. My subconscious is working hard even in my dreams. I feel that there are SOOOOOOOOOO many things that I don't know still. And the things that I think I know may also be so limited and it makes it hard to be fair.

In a quest to be a better person, these obstacles jar my stance and now I need to think about all the data that I've accumulated. Some make sense, some doesn't make sense...I hunger for truth, hunger for guidance to tell me what I'm supposed to do.

In this life where truth is bent and reality can have a zillion faces, I feel "lost in translation". These don't count the inner battles that one has to face in order to tackle one's own weaknesses and negative sides. Thus I'm raising the white flag of peace in order to have time to clear everything out, because I can't see clearly amidst this battle and questions and thoughts. It's too loud and noisy. ---> Isn't it ironic? I live in one of the most peaceful and serene and quiet surroundings ever, but it doesn't matter when your inner self is noisy.

This may be one of my most "unclear" ramblings ever. It's hard for me to explain the details when I myself don't know them clearly. Maybe someday when I get enlightenment, I'll be able to digest all the data.


  1. Haha ... mindless thoughts like the post I put up. We are alike in this way huh. Mmmm... maybe we should go try out one of those tests that we were so fond of taking. Remember?

  2. I can totally relate to that. My mind is alway's working overtime and I can't shut it off. In my quest to better myself I just ed up with more ramblings and questions.

  3. WaterLearner: Yes, maybe we should try one of those tests! GOOD idea! ;-D

    Dawn: Yeah, it's tiring sometimes and we just need a break. May we both find enlightenment at the end of the tunnel then! ;-D

  4. Hi Amel....

    I know EXACTLY where you are coming from! Calm will come back...

    Life is like one big jigsaw puzzle..sometimes the missing pieces take a while to slot in place and then you can see the big picture.

    Love Michelle x

  5. A noisy inner self? It's something new to me. I don't really think that much. My mind is mostly a big blank :-P

  6. Mrs Arctic Rainbow: Yeah, it's just a phase in life! ;-D THANKS for the encouragement!

    Blur Ting: It always happens to me every once in a used to happen more often, though he he the end of it, I always find enlightenment...but the process sucks he he...

  7. Makes perfect sense to me too.