Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Underwater World Singapore

My mind is blank now, so let me just share some pics of Underwater World Singapore. This is located in Sentosa Island. We went there by the cable car from Mount Faber. The first time I visited Singapore in 2000, I didn't take the cable car for fear of the cost (since I had such a limited budget) and back then I found a package deal that included the Sentosa Bus ticket from some points in the city towards Sentosa, so we took that bus to go there.

This time I was determined to take the cable car, so we went to the ticket booth and we were given a choice to buy a package again. This time it included two round-trip cable car tickets and then tickets to go to Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, and 3D Cinema thingie. It was well-arranged, I must say. The minute we arrived in Sentosa Island, we were told to follow a tour guide. So we went on the air-con bus and it took us to those places. The tour guide was SO funny and professional!!!

Here's a pic of me riding the cable car:

2nd pic: Saw this gorgeous bird near the entrance of Underwater World, so we grabbed our camera right away to take a pic of it he he...

This below embryo picture is actually VERY interesting as you can SEE the embryo MOVING!!! Unfortunately we didn't take any video clip of it he he he...but if you go there and it's still there, you've gotta really check this one out!!!

Why am I grinning on the below pic? It's because I was standing on a moving part of the floor, so I had to RUN on the spot for a while until R2 managed to take a pic of me HE HE HE HE...

Next pic: I told R2 to put his hand in the front so that you can see how big it actually is.


  1. I've been to Sentosa Island, but it wasn't nearly as developed as it is now!

  2. I hope someday we can visit singapore also. Not only stop at the Singapore airport hi hi

  3. Nice to know that you enjoyed your trip in Singapore :)

  4. Fab pictures!

    I visited Sentosa Island a couple of years back and loved it. I remember the huge fishes, in fact they're on my blog as a little reminder.

  5. Wish I could go there. Wonderful pictures. I enjoyed all of them.

  6. For a moment i felt like i was watching Discovery Channel :)Good work Amel!
    They're all very cool...

    Have a nice week

    Love from Turkey


  7. Nice pictures! Now I'm homesick :) then again, when I go back, I'll skip Sentosa totally.

  8. Oh wow these pictures are amazing and you look so happy.

    I would love to visit there someday.

    I am also here to leave a tag:

    You may play or not play...I will love you either way. But, it is a new great way to bring even more traffic to your site.

    I am headed to town to get some groceries before our next round of cold weather gets here. So I will be away.

    Oh I do so hope you decide to join in.

    And thanks for this wonderful share!!:-)

  9. Wah you were in SG?!! Awesome.. hope you enjoyed your time in my homeland Amel...

    Have a great day!!

  10. Fabulous photos! I hope to visit Singapore someday!

  11. Jyankee: Yeah, they're building some more sites right now!!! ;-D

    Jul: Yup, hope someday you can go there, Jul! ;-D

    Nyumix: Yes, we did he he he...

    The World According to Me: COOL!!! I've seen that pic but I didn't think it was taken in Sentosa Island he he he...

    Michelle Dawn: Maybe someday you can go there. Who knows? ;-D

    Burcu: GLAD you liked the pics. THANKSSS!!!! Have a nice week to you too! ;-D

    Mother Hen: HA HA HA HA...Yeah, I understand about skipping Sentosa. We'll always miss our ex-hometown, eh? ;-D

    Shinade: GLAD you enjoyed the pics. A tag? OK let me see if I can do it or not he he he...

    LJ: was a GREAT trip he he he...

    BeadedTail: Hope your wish come trueeee!!! Glad you liked the pics! ;-D

  12. I've been to the seaworld in Bangkok and I really enjoyed it. Hope to visit Sentosa Island in the near future. :)

  13. CMG: Well, Singapore is close to you, so I know someday you'll go there HE HE HE...;-D