Thursday, November 06, 2008

Culture Trip

My BIL has confirmed our ticket booking for Saturday's play entitled "Suurenmoista" (it means "splendid" or "magnificent"). It's a comedy written by Peter Quilter (the English title is "Glorious!". This play tells the story of Florence Foster Jenkins, an American "soprano" who can't really sing, yet she truly believes that she's a great singer. Interestingly enough, many people come to watch her sing since it's very funny to watch the "great diva" sings.

If you click on the link, at the bottom of the page you can listen to a short audio clip of her singing. I was surprised when I listened to it. It's VERY clear that she can't sing well he he he he...

This will be my first time watching a play in a theatre. I think the play's going to be interesting, but what will be my challenge is to understand it as it's in FINNISH!!! But I'm looking forward to seeing it! ;-D

The first time I was in a theatre was in Helsinki in 2000 when I saw a ballet show with my Helsinki friend. It was okay, though unfortunately I didn't understand the story he he hehhh...

Any special plans this weekend, friends? ;-D Btw, THANKS SO MUCH for all your support and kind words about my previous post. :-))))

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  1. No major plans here. I am however going to help at my church with an arts& crafts fair. I've never really seen a live play sounds like fun though have fun.

  2. If you're going to a ballet or opera it's a good idea to check out the story first - there's usually stuff online somewhere. Otherwise I must admit I find ballet rather boring. My one uncle was a ballet dancer, he'd be cross to hear me say that! :-D

  3. Dawn: HAVE FUN at the arts and crafts fair!!! ;-D

    Michelle: Yep, I'm definitely going to do that. I know what you mean about ballet, though. In one part where I also felt it was boring, but the modern dance part was GREAT! ;-D

    Your uncle was a ballet dancer? WOW!!!!!!!

  4. hope you have fun in the weekend. I am not sure what gone be with our weekend this week :D

    i still get headacne and getting worse.

  5. Hey Amelia!

    LOL that sounds like an interesting play to watch: can you imagine, a diva that doesn't sing properly? It must be hilarious LOL!
    I think you will go going to the theatre...there is something special about it, its smell, its aura...just lovely!

    I love watching ballet; but you only understand the story if you receive a carnet with the synopsis - otherwise, it is a bit hard (artists have odd ways of expressing their art sometimes)!

    So far I don't have anything special planned for the weekend...but it is early anyway ;)!

    Gorgeous, have fun at the play :D!


  6. Max: I found a short clip of it in youtube...I think it's going to be TOUGH for me to follow, but it looks hilarious indeed he he he...

    Yeah, it was tough to understand the ballet story indeed he he he...

    Yup, I'll definitely have fun at the play, though I have to make sure that my outfit is warm enough - you'll never know how cool it can be inside...better be dressed too warm than too cold he he he...

    HAVE FUN whatever you do this weekend, then!!! (I'm sure you will!) ;-D

  7. waiting to read your post about this. :)

  8. I've no plans yet, maybe, just go watch a movie. I'm craved for the caramel popcorns hehe... Hope you had a fun time watching the theatre. :)