Sunday, July 01, 2007

3BT: July 1, 2007

1. Cooking together. We're making our own burger steak from mince meat. They're now in the oven. YUM YUM!!! Can't wait to eat 'em.

2. Having an understanding hubby. I'm such a sleepyhead and I've almost always woken up later than him. *grin*

3. Even though it's been cloudy again, the flowers are still waving hello to me joyfully. Purple, red, pink, yellow, white...I feel GOOD, babbbyyyyyy!!! *wink* I ain't gonna let the clouds dampen my mood he he he...I ain't gonna deny my feelings, but I ain't gonna let them conquer or dictate my day. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!! God, THANK YOU for my breath this daaayyyyy...another day to show my smile and joy and love...


  1. 1) I want to take up cooking as a hobby hahaha, once I decide I can find enough time for that :P

    2) Ahh understanding hubby, I'm glad the world still have women like you... he is a lucky guy for sure :)

    3) Flowers :)

  2. Well, Shan, I've also just learnt to start cooking when I moved here. Back in Indo I couldn't care less as my Mom did all the cooking for us. I could cook a few simple dishes, but nowadays I have to really THINK hard to find new recipes so that we won't be bored eating the same recipes over and over again he he he...Yeah, I know what you does take time, esp. for beginners. Let's both learn more recipppeeesss then!!! GOOD LUCK for us both! :-D

    THX for your compliment, Shan. I think it's better to remember all the good sides your spouse has rather than contemplating on their weaknesses he he whenever something good comes up, I'd take time to soak it into my inner self and bask in the glory. MMMM...that always makes me feel good. :-D I think both I and my hubby are lucky to have found each other at the right time, at the right "place" he he...

    When it comes to flowers...I had never thought I could be a "flower" girl. I mean, I had always been more of a tomboy...only when I was at uni I got more in touch with my feminine sides he he he...LOL!!!

  3. Cooking together with the hubby, ey? Now that is what I call being modern :)!
    Lucky you for having the chance to oversleep...I wish I could do that...but enjoy while you can: cause after having them babies: sleep will be over :)!
    Amen for that! keep smiling girl, just keep smiling....

  4. Yeah, I love it when we cook together. :-)))

    So now I can say that I'm "saving" enough sleep for the time when the babies come. LOL!!!

    I'm still smiling, girl!!! THX for your comment! :-D