Saturday, July 21, 2007

3BT: July 21, 2007

Note: Once in a while when I feel SO inspired, I may write more than three beautiful things as I want to TRULY soak up all the good things in life. ;-D

1. Birthdays. Birthdays remind me of being given the breath of life one more year, being given the choice to be a better person.

2. Wide open space. After living here for years later on, I think I'm gonna feel overwhelmed when I visit my hometown again. LOL!!! I can't believe I love this place SO MUCH now.

3. Silence. This place is also filled with the most beautiful silence of all. The silence of contentment, of being connected with something bigger than me. (Btw, nobody here has to use their car horns as there's no traffic everywhere - such beautiful silence!!!!!!!!!!)

4. Choices. Wherever we are, whatever we face, we always have choices.

5. Written words. I'm grateful for being able to connect with others through written words.

6. Laughter. Thank GOD for people's sense of humour!!! ;-D

7. Thoughtfulness shown by my hubby's family.


  1. 1) Haha, good thinking, always so positive Amel!

    2) Indeed, we need space. From my entire episode, I realised we can't rush things. But I feel if we don't rush things at times, then there may not be a future :D

    3) I wish I had some silence too!

    4) True, how very true. Sometimes, the choices can make or break us in an instant.... I wish I had a good choice in my future...

    5) We are able to think more concisely and coherently if we write things...

    6) Amen.

    7) You are most lucky :D

  2. THANKS for your compliment, Shan. I'm trying to absorb everything positive and send out all the positive vibes he he...

    Rush things, eh? Sometimes life forces us to wait, I think.

    Yes, I also wish I'll only take the good choices in life in the future. If I mess up, I can always learn from my mistakes he he he...*shrug*

  3. Space, I love wide open spaces! It's so amazing and freeing, isn't it?

    And no carhorns? I can't imagine!

  4. YES, Vic, wide open space is SO freeing. *nodding*

    Yeah, having lived my whole life in Indo in a small alley in a big city where everything was limited and you could hear car horns everywhere, it is SO amazing that I haven't heard the sound here after having lived here for over 4 months. ;-D

  5. Hey girl!

    This is really beautiful, if I may say so....
    Birthdays are special days indeed, besides they are a homage to our mothers :)!
    Silence is good, but there's nothing like the laughter of children while playing with their pets; the sound of the love of your life whispering love words in your ear...:).
    Well, they say that life is a cross road: we always have to choose which way to go!!! Free-Will is another important tool: what are we going to choose to do with it?
    Humour: I love people with sense of humour, and people who laugh, and people who are people :)!
    About hubby's fam: You are blessed :)!