Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Went to bar/disco/karaoke with my hubby and his brother and his friend last Friday. Gladly this time I prepared myself with layers of warm clothes, so I didn't get sick or anything. Since I was the only sober one, I decided to enjoy myself by watching other people there. Here're my notes:

1. I wonder why people "like" getting drunk. What's so addictive about getting drunk senseless? Will someone please tell me? What's so nice about getting drunk and then forgetting some or most or everything you did last night? Plus, what's so nice about getting a hangover the next day? (FYI, weird thing is that my hubby never gets any hangover in his entire life - he never had headaches - LUCKY GUY!!!)

Anyway, I know it can be "fun" to be a bit tipsy as then you'll loosen up and you can be your fun self. But drinking until you're drunk senseless???? In Finland it's like the "norm" to get drunk senseless when you're "partying". I just don't get it.

2. I noticed some guys almost getting into a fight. There was this guy on the table next to us who grabbed another guy's hair and then tried to push him down. The other guy didn't even fight back. Maybe he was so drunk, too. A big guy stepped in and separated them. PHEW!!!

3. There was this old guy who kept on wandering from one table to another, trying to chit-chat. I wonder why he didn't just go home as I spotted a wedding ring on his left ring finger. He looked lonely and it made me sad.

4. Another guy was so drunk that he kept on wandering from one table to the next to find his lost jacket. He dropped by our table for seven times at least and I wanted to say to him, "Why don't you go home? You've been asking us for so many times and you probably lost your jacket someplace else. You might not even have brought your jacket in the first place."

5. I also noticed a girl who almost got into a fight with another girl. She was obviously drunk as the other girl was confused when she grabbed her shirt. Crazy world indeed!!!

6. My hubby was drunk enough to accept his friend's offer to sing together at the karaoke bar (it was the first time for my hubby to sing in a karaoke bar). They ended up singing two songs. They tried to make my hubby's brother to sing, too, but he wouldn't do it. How did they go? Well, what can you expect from drunk people? There were just a few people who sang well at the karaoke, but most of them sucked. Oh well...

7. Several glasses were broken due to people's drunkenness. I asked my hubby if they had to pay for the broken glasses and he said no. Interesting!!! He also said it was normal to have broken glasses at a bar. Nice going!

8. A guy sat next to me (gladly he kept an arm's length so I felt safe enough) and then said, "Konnichiwa!" I then told him that I wasn't Japanese. He then asked if I was Chinese and I said yes. LOL!!! SO FUNNY!!!

That reminds me of our honeymoon in Bali. When we went into a souvenir store, the salesperson started talking to me in JAPANESE right away! Then I started talking in Indonesian and he got the shock of his life! LOL!!!!!


  1. Judging by the list you’ve noted down, hehe...sure is you were the sober one.

    Talking about drunk senseless, I used to say to my friends that someday I’d definitely bring a video cam to record all their behaviours when they are drunk!! Everyone becomes so daring!! Including me...but not that daring hahaha...still could control myself though!

    When I observed drunken people, I found that the quietest ones become the noisiest or vice versa or the noisiest become the noisiest than ever!!!

    And then, a fight!!! I think not only in the pub or club, while in “kampongs” there would always be someone to pick-up a fight after the drinking session. I don’t know why, but trying to prove he’s the greatest I guess.

    Amel, drunken people don’t sing! They will just say the words out without the music...hehehe...

    Maybe you do look like Japanese. Me, every time I go shopping, the salesperson will always ask me in Chinese. Sometimes, I just replied "Hmm..." or I nodded my head (nod, nod)...hee hee... And there was one time in Italy, I was talking with my younger sister in Malay Language...we talked and talked and we didn’t care about the people around us. Then, suddenly our brother-in-law interrupted us, he told us that the people who were watching us and were very curious thought that we’re speaking in Chinese...hee hee...

  2. THX for dropping by, Girl!!!

    Yeah, I did tell my hubby that it was unfortunate I couldn't record his singing sessions back then he he he...LOL!!!

    So drunken people don't sing, eh? I see. So they must've been just half drunk as a few of them could still sing he he he...

    People think you're Chinese, eh? So you're a native Malay? I remember when I went to Singapore with an Aussie friend, we went to a small resto where the old Chinese guy couldn't speak English. I had to use body language to order HA HA HA...LOL!!! He probably thought I was a bad Chinese for not being able to speak Chinese. LOL!!!