Friday, July 27, 2007

Tell Me Something

Is love enough even though you don't understand completely what the other person's going through? Is "just being there" for the other person enough even though you don't actually know what to say?

Even good intentions are sometimes not good enough, don't you think? Good intentions not carried out properly (at the right time, at the right place, with the right words or tone of voice) can be disastrous.

Sometimes when I see other people suffering, I want to reach out to them and say something positive, but it's SO hard to know what to say when you just don't get it. You're afraid you'd offend the other person and you're afraid you'd say the wrong thing. There are times I stay silent simply to avoid saying something "wrong", but there are times I speak out with the hope that the other person won't misunderstand my "intention".

In this "preferred isolation" state, it's easy to understand why I face this kind of frustration. Besides, I don't think everybody can understand completely the situations faced by everybody else, right? There are too many unknown factors in life that one can't possibly experience in one's lifetime.

However, I just wish that I know that what I have for now is enough. I don't want to be ignorant, yet at the same time it's not easy to delve into the unknown realms of other people's lives.


  1. ((hugs))

    Just being you is always enough Amel! You're amazing, and it does sound like it must be tough for you in a new land with a new life and language, but you still have kind words for everyone.

    I really think you don't have to understand everything, and that just being 'there' for someone is sometimes, most times, enough.

  2. THX for the hugs, Vic!!! And THX for encouraging me. I'm glad to know that it'll be enough at least sometimes or most of the times. :-)))

  3. True, it is hard isn't it? You are never sure when you will offer the wrong advice. Me personally have been offered advice from ALOT of people and most of them offers what I should do but not what I want to do. Only that person can make a clear judgement...

  4. Yes, indeed it's hard. Sometimes there's a battle inside me:

    "Is it better to shut up and say nothing or is the other person expecting me to say something, anything?"

    When it comes to advice, it's also very tricky he he he...I'm trying to learn not to give advice if the other person's not asking for any, EXCEPT if I know for sure that there are true visible dangers ahead.