Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Goya's Ghosts

Has anyone seen this movie, Goya's Ghosts? It's about the Spanish Inquisition and their method of "putting someone to the question".

The movie boiled my blood. I felt ANGER. I kept on shaking my head over and over again. I dislike the ending. It was too pitiful. However, I'd still recommend this movie. I don't know much about history (history's never been my fave lesson at school), but I wonder how much truth they portrayed in the movie.

Any other opinions?


  1. Just googled it, seems interesting, may wanna watch it :)

  2. He he he...GOOD, Mother Hen. After that pls come back to tell me what you think about it. ;-D

  3. I haven't seen that movie, but I have seen others on the inquisition. Really dreadful how barbaric humans can be. :-(

    Amel, I haven't forgotten that you've tagged me. I've been a bit busy lately, but I will get there.. some day!

    We have a relative staying with us at the moment and I'm not getting much time to be online. So it might only be after she leaves. Feel free to remind me if I haven't done it a month later, ok? ;-)

  4. Hi, M!!!

    Nice to see you. I thought so must've been busy due to summer holidays, just like me the other weeks when my in-laws spend some nights at our place. I understand. No worries about the meme he he...

    Indeed the Inquisition is DREADFUL. YIKES!!!