Monday, July 30, 2007

3BT: Weekend Wrap

1. Receiving unexpected compliments. Boy, they just made my day!!! ;-D

2. Being able to fart when you've got lots of gas inside your tummy. Don't you just HATE it when you can't fart?

3. Watching dragonflies and CUTE CUTE bees having fun in the sun and the breeze. YIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!

4. Having pancakes as my dinner (hubby made them again for us HO HO HO). What a treat!!! ;-D

5. Having my hubby home MUCH early from work due to some computer system failure or something.

6. Dreaming about wedding gowns. I had to put on a wedding gown and there were lots of other girls around me wearing different kinds of wedding gowns. (I'm SO glad my mother talked me into wearing a formal wedding gown)


  1. Pancakes! That's so delicious! My husband loves to make pancake dinner too :)

  2. Hey, Mother Hen!!! Yes, they're INDEED delicious, esp. when you're craving for them!!! ;-D

  3. LOL LOL great post....

    1- A compliment is always a compliment: revigorating!
    2- I hate it! It's a relief to release all that gas LOL....
    3- how sweet :)!
    4- LOL I see that absolutely love pancakes! Let me share something...bring your ear closer: I love pancakes too! lol
    5- ooohhhh "love is in the air!!!"
    6- Ah...tell me about it :)...


  4. THX for your comments, Max!!! ;-D

    YAAAYYYY!!! Turns out that loads of people love pancakes. I'd never made or eaten pancakes at home when I was in Indo, so this's something new to me he he he...;-D

    Yep, lots of love when hubby's at home a lot longer than usual he he he...