Monday, July 30, 2007

Dragonfly and Flowers

Just want to share some more pics I took last weekend. It was SO hard to take some of these pics as the wind was blowing HARD every now and then. I spotted two dragonflies near the lake. It was also SO DIFFICULT to take a pic of them as they were in constant motion so I was just clicking away, hoping I could catch them. I'd love to have a handycam someday so I can take better video clips, but never mind that...I'm just HAPPY to be able to see dragonflies here. ;-D

This one above is by far my MOST fave of all the pics I took last weekend. The wind was blowing SO hard when I took the pic, so I couldn't take the WHOLE flower. However, turned out it looked SO NICE anyway. ;-D


  1. Ciao Amelia,

    I loved this pics...the flowers: wow! They are so well taken care of, it's clear to see that they're loved! I have lots of plants, so I know what I'm tallking about...
    The dragonflies are so cute...You are quite good taking pics, I'm impressed :)!


  2. THX for the compliment, Max!

    Yes, my mother-in-law cares SO MUCH about the flowers. She has some plants in the house and they have two rocking chairs. If somebody's on one of the rocking chairs and it gets too close to the plants, she'd tell the person to move the chair away from the plants he he...

    Well, I just snapped lots of pics at the direction of the dragonflies, hoping I could catch a few good ones he he...I wish I could've zoomed in at one of the pics, but it was impossible!!! LOL!!!