Friday, July 20, 2007

Atzmi Personality Test Results

Ooohhhh...this is a new personality test result that I did at Atzmi. There are no multiple choice questions. I just had to pick the icons that I liked best, the ones I felt neutral about, and the ones I disliked most. If you're curious about it, go check it out then. The only "catch" is that you need to register at the end of the test he he he...

Here are my "interesting" results (I have mixed feelings about my results):

Emotions and Behaviour

By nature, you usually possess a good level of functional-behavioral self-confidence that enables you to face people or issues connected to your surroundings and adapt yourself to changing circumstances. You generally react relevantly and without hesitation to challenges and missions. You rarely experience uncertainty or hesitation in confronting or coping with the outside world.

For the most part, your natural pattern is to behave purposefully and decisively out of confidence in your abilities to endure or succeed in the mission, struggle, or confrontation. This confidence to go out and face the world is a natural trait rooted in the soul and is usually displayed by you to quite a strong degree, though occasionally there are times when it is somewhat lacking.

Abstract Meditation and Contemplation

You are average when it comes to the ability to contemplate and ponder deeply in the abstract/theoretical sphere. In other words, for the most part you are able to do so to a middling/intermediate degree, but there are times when you tend to be more patient and thorough, and other times when you are more impatient and hurried.

However, you are good at pondering deeply in the practical/applied sphere. You are usually able to do so with patience and thoroughness, but there are times when this is more difficult for you.

Inner Happiness

Your intrinstic, essential "happiness quotient" is almost always very high, whether or not there are specific external reasons for being happy. By nature, you live your life with an overall sensation of great cheerfulness and joie de vivre. You easily derive enjoyment, zest, and inspiration from your surroundings. It is very rare for you to feel sad, dejected, or depressed.

They said there'd be more results in the coming weeks, so I may add more later on about this post.


  1. passionateobserver21 July 2007 at 03:14

    I love personality tests. I'm one of those people who's always trying to diagnose myself with something. Psychology is one of my favorite subjects. Good find.

  2. Me, TOO!!! ;-D Glad to meet a kindred spirit. ;-D THX for dropping by.

  3. hmmm, interesting... I kind of got lost as to where I could sign up lol... But I will certainly take this test in the future sometimes... But your results look interesting. I hope you won't take it too seriously, some of these tests are quite generic and can be detrimental to your well being

  4.'ll have to do the test first before you're asked to sign up, Shan he he he...

    Well, the test says that it's not detrimental to my well being. Oh well...I'm not taking it too seriously. I'm just curious as to what they'll tell me next and I'll use it to analyse myself ha ha ha...

  5. They are interesting... A favorite of mine is: