Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Reminder for Myself

1. Soak up God's love every single day. Remember that God loves me the way I am and He never compares me with anyone else. He knows the number of hair on my head and He personally knows my name.

2. Be kind to myself. Don't be too hard on myself. Remember that I'm a reborn, so I have to cut myself some slack. However, I mustn't accept excuses.

3. Don't take things too personally. Not everything has to be about me, me, me.

4. Count my blessings every single day of my life.

5. Fight off all negative feelings. Don't deny any feelings, but I don't have to let them conquer me and drown me in self-pity or bitterness.

6. Simplify life as best as I can do. Remember to focus more on my needs, not wants. Remember the most important things in life.

7. Soak up all the good things and emotions in life. Take time to absorb them into my entire being so that joy can be my life theme.

I guess that'd be enough for now. I hope I can remember all these every day of my life.

P.S. Have to add one more before I forget it:

8. Try my best not to grumble. Stop my thoughts before grumbling comes out of my mouth and start focusing on counting my blessings again.


  1. wouldn't it be wonderful if the entire world could follow those 7 lovely steps. Thanks so much for the share. I apologize for not visiting more..but, between volunteering at the VA now, and running 2 blogs life has become very busy. I have managed to visit at least 4 friends today now counting you. I have 2 more and then maybe some rest. God bless!!~Jackie

  2. THX for stopping by, Shinade!!! No worries about anything. I know you're busy. :-)))

    God bless you too!!!

  3. Good list, Amel.

    We had a cold wet weekend, but it is sunny today. This is something i'm learning up North - when it is sunny - you take that day and ENJOY it!

    I might go sit outside with my lunch today. If you're out there.. I'll wave "Hello Amel!" at the sun and he can pass it on to you. ;-)

  4. THX, M!!!

    I truly hope I can and will remember and follow the steps every day.

    Today is cold again. Yep, you're ABSOLUTELY right. My aunt told me to soak up the sun, so later on when the sun's up again, I WILL go out and enjoy it he he he...

    I can see you waving at me even from the clouds, M!!! ;-D I'm just HAPPY that I have SO many angels out there in this blogging world and in the real world. ;-D I'm waving back at you!!! ^_______________________^