Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tagged! Again?!?!

Thanks to Shan, I have time to think about 8 more things about myself. Interesting!!! Let's see what I can come up with. *grin*

Crimes I have committed:

1. Faking my parents' signature a few times in Elementary School. Back then if we had red marks (less than 6), we had to show it to our parents and get one of them to sign it. Those few times I got such bad marks, I was SO afraid of asking my Mom's or Dad's signature, so I faked it. Sorry, folks!!!

2. Stealing a snack from the snackbar at uni. You see, back then there was this certain kind of snack (small stuff) that we could get ourselves (self-service). With 1,000 rupiahs we could get 8 of this type of snack. I didn't know what got to me, but one day I actually took 9 of them DELIBERATELY 'coz I thought they wouldn't notice. However, as I began eating them, I felt so guilty that one of them fell off my grip to the floor. KARMA!!! After that, I promised myself that I would NEVER do such a thing again.

Now back to other facts about me.

3. The first time I knew what sex was REALLY about was when I was around 17 years old. Sure we had Biology since Junior High School, but they only talked about sperm and ovum and we didn't exactly get a clear picture of the actual process of intercourse.

4. My Dad gave me a sex education book when I was 21 years old. I guess he thought it was better than trying to explain it to me. He bought the books years and years back (around 1980 something) but it was pretty neat. There were sex positions and STDs and also pictures of a growing fetus and also descriptions of different kinds of birth control methods (including the calendar method).

5. I can't speak Chinese. Both my grandmas were Chinese born in Indo. My Dad's Dad emigrated from Singapore. My Mom's Dad emigrated from China. I've never met my Dad's Dad as he passed away when my Dad was a teenager. My Mom's Dad was a medicine man. When one of his sons had trouble getting his wife pregnant, he concocted a kind of potion. The potion succeeded in producing two daughters for them.

6. My Mom told me that I didn't like crawling. She thought it was either it was painful for my knees or something, so I learnt to walk right away and I never fell down. Not even once. Whenever I faltered in my step, I could grab something right away. I think I was able to walk when I was around 11 months old.

7. When I was a baby, I loved my mother's milk SO much that when it ran out of milk, I bit her nipple. (VERY VERY SORRY, MUM!!!) Instinctively she pinched my nose so that I would let go of her nipple. Mind you that even though I didn't have teeth yet, my gum must've been hard enough to make her scream! I was such a BAD baby! *tee hee*

8. I'm a tad paranoid sometimes. Afraid that I've given the wrong impression to someone. Afraid that I've said the wrong thing to someone. Afraid that someone misunderstands me. Thus sometimes I try my best to rectify the situation. Usually the other person doesn't even think I've offended him/her, but at least I have my peace of mind again. :-)))


  1. 1 & 2) Oh my, I see you're really a devil lol.

    3) LOL!!!! Oh my, that's ahhh interesting...


    5) Unfortunate, you should take up some Chinese lessons.

    6 & 7) Uhhh lol? Hahaha, interesting... biting hey :P

    8) Same as me :D

  2. HE HE HE HE...Yep, I'm a devil in Amel's skin, not sheep's skin. LOL!!! C'mon, tell me YOUR crimes then! I'm sure you have your shares of crimes, too HI HI HI HI...*wink*

    It's too tough to learn Chinese now. I mean, a friend of mine took a Chinese course for years (maybe 5 or so), then she moved to the US and she never used it again and she said now her Chinese knowledge is almost zero. Besides, I'm struggling to learn Finnish now. If I have to learn Chinese, too, my brain'll explode. OVERLOAD! OVERLOAD! He he he he...

    Back in Indo I never learnt Chinese 'coz it was too expensive and I wasn't THAT interested in that language, anyway. Weird? Maybe. :-)))

    So there are lots of paranoid people out there. COOL!!! :-D

  3. LOL -- great list. It may be Freudian, but is there any connection between an admission of "faking" and not knowing much about sex until later in life? ;)

  4. I can totally relate to number 8. Of course it usually turns out that I did say the wrong thing. Bummer.

  5. Amber: I wasn't the only bad baby he he he...LOL!!!

    Paper Fan Club: LOL!!! I sure hope not. :-)))

    David: Sorry to hear that. I know what you mean, though. It SUCKS to know you've said the wrong thing. :-(((

  6. BTW, THX for everybody for their comment!!! :-)))

  7. Ah Amel, you were a hungry baby! Not evil! geesh.

    And you know how much I can identify with #8. Usually in trying to rectify the wrong I thought I committed, I commit a bigger one. lol.

    It's funny what you said about my blog being about hope, that's what I see yours about! joy in life, and hope that I can attain that joy!


  8. Hey, Vic!!!

    HE HE HE...yeah, I know, I was just hungry and I LOVED milk so much he he he...

    Yeah, we all make small and big mistakes sometimes he he he...

    Well, ever since I moved here, I've decided that one of my life missions would be to spread joy and to be able to think positively all through my days, even though sometimes there are dark days he he he...I hope I'll be able to do it till the day I die. :-)))

    But I meant what I said about your blog. That's what keeps me coming back to yours. :-)))

  9. Yep, Chinese is difficult. So much stuff to memorize :P