Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tagged! Again!

A Cowboy's Wife tagged me to write 8 things about myself. However, I won't tag other people as I've seen too many people getting tagged. I've already posted random facts about myself in my earlier post, but I just want to know how far my brain can go in this post.

1. I dislike chocolate mixed with any kinds of nuts. The nuts get in the way. Yeah, it might sound silly, but that's how I feel. *grin* Basically I'm not a "nutty" person. LOL!!! I like mint chocolate, but my fave type is DARK chocolate (esp. after reading that it's good for your heart). Yeah, I can't stand too sweet stuff. Why? Because I can't eat too much of it he he he...LOL!!!

2. I can swim, but I'm afraid to swim in deep places. I can't do it "doggy style" (you know what I mean, swimming while standing). I have to have something to hold on to. I only began learning to swim when I was around 13 years old.

3. I can't stand round-round-round motion. I get motion sickness easily. So basically I can't enjoy LOTS of rides in amusement parks. *sob sob* If my head gets dizzy due to the round-round-round movement, I'll definitely throw up. *sob sob* I once read that people who are prone to motion sickness have too sensitive eyes - eyes that are too sensitive to motions. Once I watched a show on a dome ceiling. They show beautiful videos of nature, but I couldn't stand it. After a while, the roundish dome made me feel sick. Crazy, isn't it???

4. I'm also prone to sea sickness. I can't stand the waves. When I went to Bali with my High School classmates on a Senior Trip, we took a bus and then the ferry. Everybody else was having SUCH a GREAT time watching the sea and waves. However, I gazed at the waves for only a minute or two and I started to feel sick. Yeah, that's how bad I am. How did I manage to survive during the 30-minute ride? I sat on the chair and closed my eyes the ENTIRE trip. That helped. A LOT!!!

5. I'm not a beach person. I dislike sand getting stuck on my feet and legs. I dislike the balmy wind. I dislike having a cold bath and the next minute you feel sticky again.

6. One of my biggest dreams has been fulfilled: now I live in Europe. LOL!!! (for some reason since I was a kid, I was totally drawn to Europe)

7. I used to be a pessimist and a cynic. Cynicism is still a latent enemy of mine that sometimes rears its ugly head, body, and tail to mock me. Pessimism? I think I've overcome that, at least 99.9% of the time, THANKS to Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking he he...

8. I HAAATTTTEEEEE cockroaches. UGLY, YUCKY creature!!! Gladly there are no roaches here he he he...


  1. 8) I hate them too. Dirty.

    7) Good old cynicism. I'm sure the fact you found an understanding husband helped you remove that.

    6)Good you have a dream. I wish I had one. Sadly I don't. I think my dream is to find a girl that can truly understand me for who I am. Once I can do that, I think everything else will fall into place. But who am I kidding, fairytales don't exist haha.

    5)Me too, me too and me too.

    4) Not me :P

    3) Never tried it

    2) I like swimming everywhere. As long as I know it's safe :P

    1) Haha, yeah, I kind dislike nuts in choc too. Ruins the flavor I feel.

    You havn't visited my blog for a while! Come say hi!

  2. Hey, Shan!!!

    THX for your comment. I think I'd better reply in your post.

  3. Hi Amel! Interesting set of facts you posted here. I am a chocolate person myself, but I do not discriminate! :)))

  4. I'll have the chocolate with nuts. :-)

    I don't like sea sand either. I hate the feel of it stuck on me too and I really hate eating on the beach - sand in your food going *crunch* YUCK!

  5. Hey..sorry you were tagged again. I didn't know who else to tag, but atleast I know a little more about you!
    A Cowboy's Wife

  6. Epi: Discrimination? HI HI HI...you're SO FUNNY! ;-D

    M and Shan: What do you know? So there are lots more people than I thought who don't like beaches and sand he he he...

    A Cowboy's Wife: No worries! :-)))

  7. Hi there!

    Congrats for being tagged again!

    1- I like nuts in everything :)! And I like sweets...hey I'm a sweet tooth :)!

    2- I love swimming...any style. But I totally get you: I dislike swimming in deep places, I always feel like something is going to drag me down!

    3- yes, it's a bit crazy...but if it causes you sickness, you shouldn't do it :)!

    4- wow...you and the sea have an odd relationship! If you believed in reincarnation I'd say that you had died, in a past life, in the sea....

    5- See what I mean (about #4)? I love the beach, the sand, its smell...swimming in the sea, hmm!!!

    6- Interesting...! Congrats for fullfilling your dream :)

    7- Can't comment on this one...

    8- Terrible creatures *grin*!


  8. Hi, Max!!!

    Death in the sea in my past life? I don't believe in reincarnation but thinking of that possibility is INTERESTING: :-D

    THX for stopping by! :-D