Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nighttime Rendezvous

A man and a woman are about to sleep. They are in bed, lying down and facing each other.

Woman: "Are we going to the bars again this weekend?"

Man: "Yes."

Woman: "With whom?"

Man: "My brothers."

Woman: "Do you want ME to go with you?"

Man: (smiling) "Do YOU want to go?"

Woman: "But do YOU want me to go with you?"

Man: (shakes his head) "Here we go again!"

The woman laughs.

Man: "So, do YOU want to go?"

Woman: "Do YOU want me to go?" (laughs)

Woman: (quickly continues) "OK, OK, I'm just KIDDDIIINNNGGG! We'll see how it goes. If I'm feeling good and I've had enough sleep, then maybe I'll go with you."

Then they make sweet sweet sweaty love...afterwards, they kiss and talk some more.

Woman: (caressing the man's arm) "You know, I'm SO lucky to have you."

Man: (chuckles) "Do you still think that way?"

Woman: "OF COURSE. Why would I not think that way still?"

Man: "Because...I'm an asshole?" (chuckling)

Woman: "You WISH!" (giggling)

They kiss once more and say goodnight to each other.

------------------------- The End -------------------------


  1. Hello Amelia! This was so sweet...;)! This is a nice couple, and her sentence in the end suggests that she's madly in love with her man :)!
    Cheers, girl!

  2. THX, Max!!!

    Glad you enjoyed it! ;-D

  3. Hahaha, I know a girl who can act that way. It's a shame she's not my g/f. Life is interesting isn't it, all these twists of fate... whether they are for the good or the bad is another thing... A shame sometimes...

  4. He he he he...yeah, life's interesting indeed. Ahhh...let's just take all the good things in life and let go of all the bad things as best as we can...:-))))