Monday, July 02, 2007

On Being Tiny

After I graduated from uni (that meant I was 22 years old), a friend of mine who also graduated from the same uni worked at BIS (Bandung International School) as an assistant teacher. The kids who are students there are mostly expat kids or one of their parents are foreigners, so there are a mixture of blondes and brunettes and Koreans, etc. That friend of mine invited us to go to their Halloween party. As we had never been to such an event, we thought it'd be cool to see what it was like.

So off we went, I and a couple of close friends plus one younger sister of one of my friends. The younger sister was around 13 years old but she was already WAY taller than me. Remember that I'm only 145 cm "short". LOL!!!

Anyway, when we arrived there, there were lots of students in funny and scary costumes. The rule was that there was no admission fee for people over 17 years old. So, at the entrance, my friend who took her younger sister paid the fee and the sister got a bag of goodies. In we walked to find our friend who worked as an assistant teacher there. However, before we could walk further than a few steps, one of the teachers whose job was collecting the admission fee at the entrance stopped me and said, "Hey, YOU have to pay!" I was so stunned that I got speechless. A friend of mine quickly said to her, "Ma'am, she's already graduated from the uni." You can imagine how embarrassed the foreign teacher was (she spoke to us in English)!!! She said sorry a couple of times and gave me a bag of goodies as an apology. LOL!!! My friends kept on giggling and I couldn't stop laughing as well. I'll never forget that incident. ^___________________________^

Another funny incident happened when I was around 19 years old. One of my lecturers recruited me to teach English in her course (I took English literature as my major at the uni). She had opened a course and she had recruited two of my seniors to teach there. It wasn't such a big formal course. She rented this house and used the rooms to teach English to kids. The age range of the kids were 5 to 12 years old. It so happened that I was entrusted with kids from the age of 10 to 12 years old. Anyway, when I told her that I wanted to do it, she told me to come to the course so she could explain a few things before I started teaching there.

Well, since I didn't know for sure where the house was located, my parents escorted me there. When we got there, it was still closed. Not long afterward, the secretary came to open the door. Upon seeing us, she thought I wanted to enroll there. Imagine how surprised she was when she knew I was there to teach!!! *tee hee*

Okay, first time I taught the kids at the course, I was a bit anxious. I had never done it before in my life and I was entrusted with 10 kids already. My lecturer gave me the books they had been using and explained to me about the goals of the course and stuff like that. She also told me a bit about the kids. Before I started teaching for the first time, my lecturer's husband came into the classroom to introduce me. Then I started the lesson. When I was writing something on the whiteboard, suddenly I felt somebody's presence right behind me. It was the naughty kid whom my lecturer had told me about!!! What was he doing there? Measuring my height!!! He actually used his hand to compare his height with mine!!! He was just a few centimetres shorter than me and the other kids started giggling. Oh was such a funny day!!! ;-D

There was another funny incident when I was around 15 or 16 years old (at that time my hairdo was like Demi Moore's in "Ghost"). Back then a friend of mine and I visited another friend's hometown in Central Java. We spent some nights at her parents' house there. Then their Dad took us along with his family to this hot spring resort. Right after stopping by at the entrance to pay the admission fee, my friend's Dad giggled to himself. I was wondering what made him giggle. Turned out that the guy who worked at the ticket booth didn't count me in as he thought I was underage (kids could go in for free). Ayayayayayyyy...the joy of being tiny (and forever young???) he he he...LOL!!!

Hope you get a few laughs out of this post. ^________________________^


  1. haha, it seems at this time of the year, alot of people are reminiscing about their old times... I am so happy you have such fond memories of your past Amel! Cherish them well!

  2. He he he...that seems true, Shan. I think reading about other people's past makes me want to reminisce, as well. :-)))

    Yep, I'll sure cherish the good old times. :-)))

  3. Hi Amel! I'm back! I love plays on words. Mind if I play a little? I'll try to keep this short! Hee hee! I had some time to visit a few blogs today. Of course, I didn't overlook yours! Obviously, because you wrote from personal experience, I knew it wasn't a tall tale. In fact, I've come to greatly appreciate your small contributions to the blogosphere: tiny is never to be mistaken for trivial. Keep on bloggin', even if the posts are petite. :-D

  4. I'm 160 cm, taller than you, but still more than 20 cm shorter than my husband.

    I love the fact I fit lying on the couch. I love the fact I never hit my head on the kitchen cupboard doors when I leave them open (I fit underneath). I love being able to stretch in bed and not have my feet fall off the end!


  5. Well I feel downright tall now! if the conversion calculator was correct, I'm 162.6 cm, but to me I'm short! lol.

    Great little stories Amel, very charming! Small in stature, huge is spirit though, no?

  6. Hey gal. You've been tagged! Check my post tomorrow(Tues.).
    A Cowboy's Wife

  7. M: Yeah, I know EXACTLY what you mean, M!!! I fit everywhere, too. Everything's big enough for me ha ha ha...

    Vic: Well, I hope I can have a huge spirit he he he...

    Cowboy: Ah, I get tagged again? OK better check it out then. :-)))