Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bandung, My Hometown

Hey, I found this video clip at youtube about Bandung, my hometown.

This other video clip is taken from the parking lot above the most famous traditional market in Bandung. See how crowded the city is? And now I live in such a little village he he he...Anyway, the traditional market is where my Mom works to sell food. ;-D

This third one is view of Bandung taken from the tower of the most famous mosque there.


  1. wow, that looks really nice! I really have to go traveling around sometimes in this lifetime :D

    Go back and visit more Amel :D

  2. Visit more? Visit what, Shan? I'm a 'lil confused here he he...

    I thought people would think my hometown looked overcrowded and the landscaping thingie was bad he he he...Glad you enjoyed it, Shan.

    Yep, why don't you travel some more then if you have time and resources? Where have you been to so far anyway?