Thursday, July 12, 2007


Honesty is still the best policy in my book, yet brutal honesty is something that this world doesn't need (except maybe when we need to be brutally honest to ourselves in order to improve/heal ourselves, since self-denial will always be our doom). Why should we be brutally honest, anyway, if it's only going to hurt other people? It's hard enough to keep peace with all the "diplomats" in the world.


  1. Honesty is good; but not appreciated, I'm afraid! I don't know why humans insist on choosing to be shocks me! I used to be brutally honest as a teenager, and I found out it doesn't work! So I quit...

  2. He he he he he...yeah, I understand, Max. I guess humans grab self-defense mechanism too tightly sometimes. Oh well...we learn some things the hard way, don't we? :-)))

  3. It brings to mind a scene from Jerry McGuire. It was an argument between him and his girlfriend over her not supporting him in his trying time.

    She says, "What was our deal when we first got together? Brutal truth. Remember?"

    To which Jerry replied, "I think YOU added the 'brutal'."

    Too often, it seems, people try to prop up brutal honesty as a virtue when it's really just being an a-hole.

  4. Hi, Anonymous!

    THX for dropping by and commenting. I agree with what you say. Brutal honesty is like a slap on the face, eh?