Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Accident In the Playground

Last Saturday when I was at my in-laws, my MIL's mobile rang (remember that in Finland these days there are only a FEW people who have regular home phone as using mobile phones is FAR cheaper), so she picked it up and at the end of the call, her eyes got wet. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't ask right away as she was getting ready to go to her godson's 50th birthday party.

When she was almost ready, she got out and she told us about an accident at a playground in a daycare. Apparently a niece's daughter, who was 2 years old, was on the swing in the playground and for some reason she fell down and she was taken to the ER right away. If I remember correctly, she was unconscious when she was taken there and preliminary examination showed that there was some bleeding in the brain. Uuuuuhhhh...isn't this one of the scariest moments for parents?

While I was listening to it, I had goosebumps already and I really felt for them. My MIL said that they're keeping her "asleep" even though she's conscious already since perhaps they're afraid that the bleeding may get worse. I certainly hope that she's going to get better!!!!!

OK, I'm soon off to my friend's house for our weekly Finnish meeting and I'll blog-hop later, OK? Take care and I hope that to those of you who have kids, that God will protect them and keep them safe from harm!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh dear. I really hope she'll be fine.

  2. im sorry friend. our prayers are with her

  3. Sending prayers for the little girl!

  4. Sounded painful to me. Hope the gal is recovering well.
    Accidents like this happened over here many many years ago where there are a lot of swings at the playground. Nowdays, mostly slides are seen :)

  5. Everybody, THANKS for your prayers and concern!