Thursday, September 04, 2008

Raise the Red Lantern

Has anyone seen this classic movie directed by Zhang Yimou? Well, I just saw it the other day at Crunchyroll. The beauty about sites like Crunchyroll is that I can watch it for free (though you need to subscribe if you want to watch more than 5 clips) he he he he he...No need to download, but you do need to have a fast internet connection. ;-D

If some of you have seen Raise the Red Lantern, what do you think about it? I'm GLAD I wasn't born in that age and place where concubines abounded. I felt sad in a way when watching the "politics" among the concubines as they tried to grab the attention of the husband.

I can't imagine how life is for people who have many wives or husbands. How can a man be fair to more than one wife?

One thing that intrigued me was that the main character was a university student for 6 months and she made bad choices while being a concubine that really drove her to the edge. It's very clear that even though you're "educated" (because the other concubines weren't highly educated as she was), that doesn't mean that you're wise. Wisdom comes with experience.

It's sad to think that women that day lived like that, but it's reality...History is history and hopefully the sad parts in history won't be repeated.

Oh, almost forgot...another thing that intrigued me is how it feels like to have a foot massage like in the movie. All the concubines are dying to have that special foot massage again he he he he he...Interestiiinnggg!!!

P.S. If any of you is thinking of watching the movie in Crunchyroll, one word of advice from me is that DO NOT read the comments at the side since they may contain spoilers!!! The movie consists of 4 parts and there are plenty of comments already and one time I accidentally read some comments while waiting for the movie to load and that was a BIG mistake he he he he he...


  1. Aiya, I haven't seen this movie though I had heard about it. Foot massage is very relaxing you know. I bought the massager for my mum and I use it sometimes. It gets the blood circulating. You can actually feel the tingle.

  2. nope. I never watch that movie before. But I just finished book about the last Emperess in China. It is very GOOD book. Where it said that the Emperor have a 300 concubines :D

  3. Blur Ting: Well, maybe it's because my feet are SO easily tickled, so I can't imagine how great it can be. I LOVE back massage and head massage, though! ;-D

    Jul: Oh ho ho ho...300 concubines! Very interesting!!! ;-D

  4. I had never heard of this movie :( I will check it out and will let you know if I can find it here (I doubt it though, the selection of DVDs is not exactly fantastic here) :)

    I loved the glitter graphic :)

  5. La delirante: Yep, it'd be interesting to hear what you think about the movie if you can find it. If not, you can watch it online in the site I mentioned in this post he he he...

    Yep, glitter graphics ROCK! ;-D

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