Thursday, September 25, 2008

Traveling With an RV

During summer in Finland, motorhomes are a common sight here as people from Southern Finland come to Lapland to relax in their own cabins or in rented cabins. Remember our long car trip to Pori and Helsinki last July? Well, whenever I remember that trip, I always thought to myself that it'd be nicer if we could do that with an RV.

After all, there are plenty of camping sites all over Finland where we can park our RV and rest during the night with a lower cost. Plus we can bring more food stock and I can sometimes prepare our food on my own, which in the end would also reduce the expenses. Since the price of gasoline has gone up, it's wiser if we can cut expenses here and there if we want to have a holiday, right? Cooking your own food is always cheaper than buying it from a fast food restaurant or a regular restaurant every time you're hungry.

During my training at the local tourist info office, I've also seen some tourists coming in with RVs. I don't know if some of them brought their own RVs to Finland or they rented it, but it seemed really handy. They could even bring their bicycles at the back of the RV, so in case they wanted to enjoy nature by biking, they could do it right away.

I think travelling around Finland with an RV in summer is a good idea, especially if you're the kind of person who likes being on the road without spending too much money by renting hotel rooms and buying food in restaurants all the time. And if you've got a video camera, you can record all the cities and camping places you pass by as a remembrance of your travel. Who knows maybe someday I'll buy one? ;-D

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