Saturday, September 13, 2008

Multiple Intelligences Test Online

Yep, you probably know already that I'm a sucker for online personality tests hi hi hi...This morning I found one here:

Multiple Intelligences

It's all about different types of intelligences:

1. Body Smart.
2. Number Smart.
3. Myself Smart.
4. Picture Smart.
5. Word Smart.
6. People Smart.
7. Music Smart.
8. Nature Smart.

I took the test and got the result already he he he he...If you wanna see my result, just click on the link and click on "View the Results" and enter this code: kf1rh8hk37699s.

The result comes as a diagram, so it's easy to compare each one of the "smarts" in the list I wrote down above that represents yourself. I find that my result wasn't shocking, but it's always interesting to get confirmation of something I've always thought of at the back of my mind he he he he he...

If you decide to take the test and share the result with me, don't forget to write the code in your comment, OK? OK, time for me to rest nowwwww...good night, my friends!!!


  1. I'm not sure I'm smart at all.
    I certainly don't get anything out of this world on the ordinary mensa-style iq test.
    I did rate highly on this thing called convergent-divergent thinking. I got a score that said I was just about as creative as you could get so I'm well flattered. Har har!!

  2. PS great blog you got here. Is pikku "little"... I seem to recall from the ONE Finnish lesson I've done in my life...

  3. Gledwood: Why so pessimistic about yourself? Sure there's some talent that you have. :-)))

    Convergent-divergent? Hmmmm...that interests me! ;-D

    THANKS for your compliment about my blog. I'm GLAD you enjoy it. And yes, "pikku" means little he he he he...