Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rambling Babble on Anything

1. I thrive on one-on-one conversation.

Last Friday I met a friend at her house and we talked for 5 straight hours ha ha ha...It reminded me of my university days when I used to do that with my closest friends. I LOVE having a one-on-one chat. Of course it's also fun to meet a group of my friends altogether, but I find that usually it's more satisfying to have a one-on-one conversation as the topics are more "controlled", esp. if the group of people consist of many chatty people who have LOADS of topics of their own.

Within a group of people, there are times when some of them are talking to themselves and some others are talking to other people and you wish you could split yourself in two (or more) so that you could follow all the conversations he he he he...

2. My Brother's Baby's Name.

The other day I sent SMS to my brother, asking him about his baby's name. Contrary to the people in Indo, Finnish people don't usually have ready baby names when their babies are born and they usually publicize the name on the newspaper once the baby has been christened at church.

Well, my brother said that the baby's name would be Kenneth Octavian Winarta (he'll be called Ken). It means that he's handsome and trustworthy he he he he...

As I said in my earlier post, I'm not sure yet whether I can meet the baby or not since the due date turns out to be October 20th, whereas I'm flying back to Finland already on October 24th. We'll see then how it goes.

3. Wisdom Tooth.

Yesterday hubby stayed home as one of his wisdom tooth was extracted. He bled a lot, but thankfully no sign of a swollen cheek. He has to take antibiotics, though, of course. He keeps the tooth and the roots are SO long. Yikes!!! He said that it was so hard to get it out, so when the dentist managed to pull it, it "fell" into his throat, so the dentist asked him not to swallow. Oh dear goodness!!!

I've only got 3/4 of a wisdom tooth out until now (yes, only one has grown), even though I'm almost 30 years old. The problem I have with that is that there's a gap between that 3/4 of a wisdom tooth and my last molar, so I have been chewing in one side of my mouth ever since that wisdom tooth started to come out. It's getting harder and harder to clean that gap, so I don't want to chew there. I hope the wisdom tooth really grows FAST!!!

If I remember correctly, that tooth only started to grow after I moved to Finland ---> is it a sign that I was getting wiser by moving to Finland that it decided to grow only then? LOL LOL LOL!!!

To anyone of you who've got all wisdom teeth out, how slow did they grow???????

4. Customs Tax for the Chess Set.

The customs officials sent me a customs tax bill. The tax I had to pay was around 72% of the cost of the chess set itself (The Chess Set itself was only around €22, whereas the customs tax was around €16,50).

I guess since it's an electronic device, then I had to pay the customs tax. I mean, I've bought vitamins from ebay which cost more than the chess set, but they never asked me to pay the customs tax. But anyway, at least I have the money to pay the tax HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

The silly thing was that I was still sleeping when the postman rang the doorbell this morning. I woke up sometime during the night to pee and when I got back to bed, I started remembering something and I just had a HARD time going back to sleep. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

I THINK the postman must've wanted to give me the chess set. Stupid me!!! Now I have to wait againnnnnnn...I hope that I can get it SOON!!!

5. Health Matters.

I haven't been taking a shower since last Saturday (though I did wash my hair two days ago) since I'm still sneezing every once in a while (esp. when going out in the cool weather) and my throat feels phlegmy and my nose feels rather runny, though I have no fever or headache or whatsoever. I'm kinda impatient in wishing that I'd just DROP sick next week or something so that nearing my departure date I'll be completely well. Oh well...We'll see how it goes then.

Now time to blog-hop he he he he...Hop, hop, hop!!!


  1. Oh wow, talk for 5 hours! That must be a really nice long talk!

    Poor hubby. Sounds painful just hearing you describe it. I have 2 wisdom teeth but I can't remember how long they took to grow. My dentist says I am very lucky because my wisdom teeth grew out very nicely, right next to the normal ones. No wonder I never knew they were wisdom tooth cos they look so normal.

    Your brother has chosen a very nice name for the baby!

    I do hope you get well soon. Get plenty of rest ok. That's the best cure. Maybe you're sick because of the tooth. babies get feverish when they are teething you know.

  2. Blur Ting: Yep, looking forward to talking to her again someday hi hi hi...

    You only have 2 wisdom teeth? I hope my other 3 won't grow!!! GLAD to hear your wisdom teeth grew out nicely!!!

    Yep, I also like my brother's baby's name he he...

    THANKSSSSS for your well-wishes!!! :-))))

  3. Wow! Your post today was packed up of good stuff. I can relate to talking for 5 hours. My friend and I seem to be able to talk about hardly nothing for forever. Hee, hee

    I can't even help you with the wisdom teeth. Mine were in and out by the time I was 30.

    I pray you get to see that baby before you go back.

    Love Ya,


  4. Oh boy, two of my wisdom teeth are growing and I really hope the other two are not even there, for example my dad doesn't have any, but my mom had all 4 of them and they had to extract all of them, yikes!

  5. Hey Amel,

    5 hours talking? I know the feeling LOL!

    I wish your hubby well :)!
    I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 20 years old, and they grew really slow...and I mean slow! But thanks God they weren't hard to take out!!

    Love the baby's name: Kenneth :D! Congrats to your brother and sis-in-law!

    You are feeling a bit off, eh? Well, drink lots of hot liquids and that feeling will subside :D! I'll pray for your full recovery!!


  6. Lori: Yes, I wish we could also continue longer than that, but it was getting too late he he...

    No worries about the wisdom tooth. THANKS for sharing your story and for your prayers! ;-D

    Bitter Chocolate: I know what you mean by hoping that the other two won't come out. Let's keep our fingers crossed then he he...

    Max: THANKS for your well-wishes and GLAD you liked the baby's name too he he...

    So you had wisdom teeth already when you were 20? WOW!!! Incredible!!!

  7. beautiful name for the baby. I hope you can see the baby.