Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jewish Online Forum

As social beings, we need to interact and share our thoughts and ideas with other human beings. Through our interaction with other human beings, we can learn SO many more things that we couldn't possibly learn on our own. I've enjoyed the benefits of joining an online forum that helped me find information about what I needed to do before I could move to Finland. Through that forum, I found my first friends in Finland.

Sometimes there are no better people who can understand you than those who have gone through the same experiences, don't you agree? If you click on Jewish Chat, then you can share with other Jewish about anything on earth. I believe that true friends can be found through the internet. Look at how many blogger friends I have found! And more than that, I found my husband through the internet he he he...

So if you feel that you want to extend your world and find other Jewish friends, why don't you check out this free site?

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