Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Childhood Revisited

Last night I started thinking about me years and years back...I wanted to remember what kind of girl I was back then. So here are some tidbits about me he he he...

1. Mom said that when I learnt how to walk (around 9 months old), I NEVER fell down. Not even once. Whenever my feet got shaky and I was about to fall, I always found something to grab or hold on to.

This is probably the earliest sign of a lifetime fault in me: that if I can, I don't want to "fall" when learning something new. I think I've managed to tone down a huge part of this fault, but it's not easy since even when I was a baby, I was THAT kind of baby.

2. In my generation, schools only started teaching English from the first grade of Junior High School (when students are around 13 years of age). Back then I started taking English lessons at a course since I was 10 years old.

I used to love pretending as an English teacher to my neighbours' kids. I only taught simple "lessons" such as the names of days, colours, and fruits or veggies in English. I remember having this small blackboard where I could use to "teach" hi hi hi hi...

Hmmm...does it mean that I have always loved teaching? HE HE HE HE HE...

3. I was a horrible toddler (esp. compared to my brother who's an angel baby). Whenever my Mom took me to take a nap and sometimes she fell asleep with me, if I woke up before her, sometimes I'd poke her eyes or nose he he he he he...Other times I just ran out of the front door, making my Mom PANICKED when she woke up and realized that I wasn't in the house!!!

She said that even though the front door was locked, for some reason I managed to climb onto a chair to open it. I sure hope when I have a kid (kids) someday, they won't be like me when I was a toddler HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

One question, though: What were you like when you were kids, my friends? Do you still remember?


  1. Wow, same as my daughter, she managed to walk when she was 8 months old. :)

  2. It's funny to hear tales of when you were a youngster, don't you think.

    My mum is always reminding me how I was curled up in a ball and refused to enter this world! She was in labour for days and had a terrible time. She also said I was a greedy little thing when I finally came out! Hence I am constantly being told I haven't changed - I still can't budge in the mornings and I still have the appetite of a thousand men!

  3. Nyumix: WOW, your daughter even walked earlier than me HE HE HE...

    The World According to Me: OOHHHHH...such a long labor!!! I was born 10 days past the due date, but at least the labor didn't take days. THANKS for sharing these info! So interesting he he he he...

  4. wah, walking at 9 months old! That's early!! You're a smart child too. Maybe you really should become a teacher. Go teach Bahasa in your town. I'm sure there will be some students. Or you can give English tuition.

  5. That was fun to read. :-)

    You walked early. I'm not sure about me, except I didn't crawl - I sat and "dragged" myself along with one leg... pulling my teddy bear behind me.

    I was a good baby apparently - never cried much - I was always happy. :-)

  6. Blur Ting: Kids here are taught English ever since they go to school, I think, so the only option is teaching Bahasa, but then again I never learnt well the grammar of Bahasa Indonesia he he he...

    Michelle: I thought it'd be fun to read. Mom said that I didn't want to crawl, so I started walking early. THANKS for sharing your story! Interesting!!! :-))))

    You were a good baby? Ohhhhhh...that's WONDERFUL. Your parents must've been happy he he he...