Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night I had a long talk with hubby about our past...our first meeting, his proposal to me, and everything else. I just wanted to know how much he remembered about us. And I also wanted to know if how he felt our marriage life had been so far.

Turned out that he FORGOT the way he proposed to me. He didn't even remember where!!! I should have been upset, but turned out I had FUN telling him about it in details HI HI HI HI HI...especially watching the way he smiled nostalgically while listening to me. His whole face just turned tender and it was a sight to behold!!! Then he held me more tightly and kissed me. Mmmmm....

I joked to him, "Well, the good side about your forgetting stuff is that I can tell you everything all over again. PLUS I can add this and that or I can just make up a whole story." (laughing wickedly)

He said, "Yeah, right..."

LOL LOL LOL!!! Funny thing was that he did remember some other "less important" stuff, but he forgot all about the proposal he he he he...

How much do you remember about the past?

There are stuff we remember so clearly, whereas there are things we don't even remember until someone else mentioned it and the memory surfaced back. The other week my friend said something about our mutual friend that happened in the past and all of a sudden I remembered it too! I wouldn't have remembered it unless she had brought it up!!!

I'm not going to talk about repressed memory here since it belongs to a whole different topic, but I do believe that some things are better off forgotten, especially if we're not ready to face them.

I'll end this post with a quote I found while reading Vagabond last night.

So many things in this world...cannot be expressed with words. They must be experienced...Some things cannot be explained.


  1. I think men and women can remember very different things!
    I bet you enjoyed reminding him of the details!

    I have a strange memory. I can be very forgetful but sometimes I can remember the most bizarre details...

  2. The wedding which took 3 days for us were a bit to much to remember all the details ..hihihi :)

  3. The World According to Me: Oh yeah...I guess you're right about how men and women remember things differently! ;-D And yep, I enjoyed it so much: reminding him of the details hi hi hi...

    So I guess you're like my hubby then. Sometimes I'm SHOCKED 'coz he remembers some bizarre details, too he he...

    Nyumix: THREE days? WOW!!!!

  4. I am beginning to realise too. I keep telling CH remember this and that, and he just gives me a bewildered look and can't remember so many things!!

  5. Blur Ting: CH is like that too???? OHHHHHHHHH...