Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shopping Plan + BP Test

I'm going to do my last minute shopping with my MIL on Wednesday. She wants me to pick something for my Mom he he he he...BLESS HER!!! We're also going to go to a reindeer meat store to buy some for my parents. I'm not going to buy too much since I have limited space in our suitcases and since they're not too cheap, I'm only going to buy some for my nuclear family HI HI HI HI HI...Ahem!

We also did blood pressure test this evening. Arttu and I took it right after we came out of sauna. I was thinking that my blood pressure would be bad since we just came out of sauna, but turned out it wasn't bad at all HE HE HE HE HE...

I don't know how accurate an electronic blood pressure test is, but here're my results:

Systolic : 101
Diastolic: 66
Pulse: 71

According to this chart, my blood pressure is excellent. WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! I hope it's true ha ha ha ha ha...

Well, that means I'd better stick with my exercise regime. I've been doing HIIT several times now (combined with Tae-bo on alternate days) and it feels GOOD. ;-D At least I feel that even though I still eat snack in the evenings every now and then, my trousers don't feel any tighter hi hi hi hi...

Well, I hope your weekends are joyful, everybody! Now I'll go blog-hop he he...


  1. Hooray for Tae-bo! I've finally started with it again after the holidays, and it does feel goooood :)

  2. yippee..more shopping :D

    nice to chat with you again hi hihi

  3. Wow...Tae-bo...that sounds cool :)

    BTW, I sent you the invite (Facebook) the other day.


  4. Bitter Chocolate: YEEESSSSS it does feel good after doing it, doesn't it? HE HE HE HE...

    Jul: Nice to chat with you again, too, Jul HE HE HE HE...

    La Delirante: Tae-bo ROCKS HA HA HA HA HA...And yup, THANKS for the invite! I've added you just now. ;-D

  5. my blood pressure is almost the same as yours. it is said that digital blood pressure monitor is not accurate... but it's not bad to know average of our blood pressure

  6. That BP reading is very good. It's a pity my BP has hovered around borderline high these past few years. It used to be excellent too. It's in the genes. Keep exercising my friend and see you in Singapore!

  7. Hi Amelia,
    Wow I am finally home after 5 months. I was only supposed to be gone about 6 weeks but it's a long story.

    It's taking me forever to get caught up.

    I see you are heading for another visit back home. I am so happy to hear that.

    Although I don't know about the dear meat. My hubby loves it but I just can't seem to acquire a taste for it.

    Glad you checked out on your blood pressure. Mine is always good too. And I am always thankful becuase there are a lot of those kind of problems in my family.

    I have missed you a ton. And if I haven't said before I love your new make over.

    I am looking right now for someone that can help me with a major redo.

    I have really gotten into photography and want to explore that avenue.

    I hope you have a great week!!:-)))

  8. Jeanne: Yeah, I thought so too, that it's not too accurate he he he...So your result is almost the same as mine? HI FIVE!!! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Ohhhh...the genes effect BP, too, eh? Yups, see you in Sgp!!! ;-D

    Shinade: WELCOME BACK!!! Yeah, I can imagine that you have SO much to catch up on...just take it easy, though.

    You don't like deer meat? Maybe it should be cooked a certain way for you to be able to like it. Sometimes it depends on how you cook it, you know? ;-D

    GLAD to hear that your BP is always good. I rarely check mine he he he...

    THANKS! I'm happy that you enjoy my new template. ;-D GOOD LUCK on your new redo!!! ;-D

    You too, have a FAB week!!!