Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gallery of Beautiful Finnish Photos

The other day I accidentally found this site as I was looking for a picture of a flower. It's a Finnish site, but I was AMAZED at the BEAUTIFUL pictures of Finnish flora and fauna.

If you're into photography, I recommend you to go here:

Ikkuna Suomeen Luontoon
(The Window to Finnish Nature)

Here are the links to two pics that WOWED me when I saw them:

Pakkasen Taidetta
(The Art of Frost)

(Kermit the Frog)

I REALLY wish I could take such beautiful picssssss he he he he...*drool drool drool*


  1. Hi Amel!
    It was me who visited your blog today and you turned back us...
    We are 5 bloggers 3 from Greece,1 from Cyprus and me from Turkey!!!
    Thanks for visiting us...
    see ya

  2. Hellow Amel, I just saw those photos and I was really amazed. They are very beautiful.

    Nice meeting you and your blog is beautiful ;0

    Drop at us anytime whenever you are free.

  3. you can take wonderful photo because you live in beautiful land. i wish to go there, someday hi hi hi..

  4. Burcu: THANKS for visiting me again! ;-D

    Make Money Now: I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. THANKS for your compliment. :-)))) I'll drop by your site again later. ;-D

    Jul: Someday it will come true, Jul. Just keep on saving money he he he...