Thursday, September 11, 2008

I LOVE Holidays!

Hubby and I are planning to go to Singapore for a few days when we visit Indo next month. Hopefully I can meet all my Singaporean blogger friends there he he he...I LOVE holidays! Don't you? Especially if you have enough money to go someplace with your family.

Well, one day I'd love to visit Portugal and meet my blogger friend Max. While browsing online, I found this site about the algarve. I drooled when I saw the pictures of the beautiful beaches in the Algarve. I'd love to go dolphin watching, BUT what I really have to check out is one of their spa treatments. After getting a side-by-side body massage in Bali with hubby, I can't wait to try that type of treatment again. They have plenty of spa packages to offer. Yum yum...

Other than that, they also have many types of holiday packages, including golf packages for golf lovers. If you're thinking of going somewhere nice, but you haven't decided your destionation yet, why don't you check out this site? ;-D


  1. The World According to Me: YES YES YES!!! I can't waittttt! ;-D

  2. eh mel, g blum catet kapan elu datang ya? okt tgl brp? harus ketemuaaaan!!