Monday, September 08, 2008

Viewers Stats

I'm about to get sick, I think. :-((( Started losing my appetite last night and sneezing. And then headache started to strike, so I asked hubby to scrape my back again he he he...Now I feel like sleeping ALL DAY LONG.

Anyhow, I've been checking my Feedburner account again to see what posts people like from my blog and how they stumbled upon my blog (for my non-regular readers). The top of the list is Personality Tree or Personality Test posts he he he...

Then I found out that someone found my blog by searching for "how to propose to a Chinese girlfriend" hi hi hi hi...Interesting! I'm GLAD if something I have written down is useful for somebody.

Another interesting thing is that many days I notice that this post has been viewed A LOT!!! ;-D

Okay, I guess I'm going to eat and then sleep again now. I even asked Arttu to buy grocery since I just don't feel like going out. Well, at least I DO have time to get sick. It's better to be sick for a week or two now rather than next month since next month I HAVE TO BE HEALTHY!!!!!

Indonesia, here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he he he he he he he...


  1. OH...NO...get well soon, Amel.

  2. I gave you a 4 star rating. Hope you're happy with that. It's not surprising that you are viewed by a lot of people, you have a very interesting story to tell, Amel.

  3. Jul: THANKS!!! ;-D

    Vince: THANK YOU for the rating and your compliment! I added that widget to see what types of posts my readers enjoy he he...

  4. Get plenty of rest. Hope you recover soon. Then you can enjoy Indonesia! Are you coming to Singapore?

  5. Hope you're feeling better.

    I find it really funny the searches that lead people to my blog too. Some of them are really weird. :-D

  6. Michelle: I'm not feeling worse, but still sneezing in between and my nose is slightly runny still. It's like the onset of flu but it's not really flu yet he he...weird!!!

    And you've got some weird searches that lead people to your blog? HI HI HI HI...

  7. Blur Ting: I think I AM coming to Sgp!!!! HE HE HE...

  8. thank you for sharing the info on how to view the stats on my site.