Thursday, September 25, 2008

Flash Back: More Tears

After doing the meme yesterday, I suddenly remembered something else that happened while hubby and I were apart for 4 months after our wedding and honeymoon.

Let me give you a short timeline:

March 2004 - We met for the first time and we were together for 2 weeks.
October/November 2006 - He came to Indonesia to marry me on November 3rd. He stayed in Indo for about 3 weeks.
March 2007 - I moved to Finland.

Our wedding night felt...surreal in a way. After he helped me take over 50 pins off my hair, I thought to myself, "Now we're really husband and wife? Now we can make love? Really?" It just felt strange, especially since we had been apart for 2 years and 7 months prior to our wedding night. Our first love-making was funny and also sweet he he he he he...It was so hard to "do it", so to speak HI HI HI HI HI HI...but we managed to do it in the end after a few laughs! LOL!!!

Now I get sidetracked. After he got back home to Finland, we resorted back to chatting and calling each other up. Since it was SO hellish for us to be apart, I decided to say, "I love you" over and over and over again right when he picked up the phone to cheer him up. I was already smiling even before I dialed his number, thinking that he would laugh...

You know what happened when I kept on saying "I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you..." right after he picked up the phone?

Silence. Total silence.

I was confused. I stopped saying the words and I said, "Hello? Are you still there?"

I heard a very small voice, choked in tears, "Yeeessss...?"

Dear Lord!!! I made him CRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to hold him right then and there and tell him that everything would be okay, but I couldn't. I wanted to cry so hard, but I was afraid it'd make him even sadder. After all, you'll feel sadder when your loved one is sad, right? So I tried to be strong and I let him calm down while I babbled to calm him down so that he didn't have to speak since I knew he couldn't speak yet.

Ahhhhh...I never want to go through that again, even though now it's become such a TOUCHING memory. Gosh, I REALLY love that guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm HAPPY 'coz now I can hug him whenever I want to. YIIIPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!! ;-D


  1. Very touching fact, Mel :)

  2. Hey Amel,

    Such a cute post: it was a delight reading it...I could feel the love you feel for your husband and two are THE couple :D!

    You have a marvellous story and I wish you both all the happiness in the world...

    May God bless you :D!


  3. Nyumix: Glad you enjoyed it! :-))))

    Max: Yeah, a trip down the memory lane. THANK YOU again for your well-wishes. I hope God gives us plenty of time together as I wanna grow old with him he he...God bless you too, Max, and your dearest beloved! :-))))

  4. Hi Amel!

    Its great to hear your voice!

    I find it interesting that I get so much heat from other Jesus followers when I write about sex but it seems most of the time when I beam over to your place I find an article that in some ways has to do with sex! LOL

    Keep up the good work….


  5. LS: BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...oh I can't stop laughinggggg!!! I don't know why but I find that writing about sex in my blog is perfectly fine, though I try to keep it as "general" as possible and not too detailed hi hi hi hi...

  6. LOL

    Well as God created sex and His Word talks a LOT about sex (and often on many “naughty” topics) I think we are on safe ground….

    At least you didn’t write about the “shower scene” again… LOL

  7. LS: OOOPPPSSS...I almost forgot I wrote about that once!!! Well, these days as I have more readers, I try to be more cautious with my words since maybe some of them are youngsters he he...

  8. Amel…


    Since some of my readers are a bit sensitive and there is a possibility of a younger person visiting I put a “Warning mature content” above articles with such topics/language. I am not in any way suggesting that here for you, I love the way you do things!

    Also people have to take things in context you are speaking about a beautiful part of a loving marriage. On Life on the Blade I get a huge amount of people from Google looking for naughty Survivor photos and topics so I use that as an opportunity to speak to them about sex etc from a Biblical point of view but in a non-traditional format. I will speak about the sin (and will admit that sin can feel good) so I can then speak about the results of sin then present grace and transformation…

  9. LS: Ahhh yeeessss...that's also a good way to do it. :-)))

    And you're right about taking things in context. At least I hope the people who come across my posts understand that I'm talking about me and hubby he he...

    Gee...I didn't know that many people looked for naughty Survivor photos and topics. But again you're right in taking advantage of that to speak about the Biblical POV. :-))) KEEP it up! ;-D

  10. Hi Amelia, Sweet post :) You reminded me of the time when I spent five months away from hubby prior to our wedding :( It was so sad :( but it is nice to see how the relationship grew too :)

    Do you have Facebook? Would you like to add me?

  11. Awwww Amel.. now you made me cry... really i have tears in my eyes... so touching lah..

    I was a away from hubby too for one year in 2004 but I came home every weekend but it still felt terrible to sleep at night without him so I decided that love was more impt than work.. and here I am ever since..

    PS: We also had a hard time the first time "doing" it..lolzz.but now expert already dong...hehehe

  12. Very touching, makes me wanna cry too. :-)

  13. La Delirante: Yeah, I can imagine how sad it was for you and hubby to be separated that long. :-(((( And yep, you're right about seeing how the relationship grew he he he...

    Sure I have a Facebook account. You can add me there! ;-D

    LadyJava: were away from hubby for a year? You're right about priorities. It couldn't have felt nice to sleep at night without him. And you seem to be doing SO well making money online he he he...;-D And making lots of friends, too! ;-D

    HA HA HA HA HA HA...THANKS for sharing your first time!!! ;-D And yes, now we're experts dong HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...

    Blur Ting: :-))))))

  14. Michelle: Oh dear...I never thought this post would make people cry even though I understand why. HUGS!!!

  15. which part of indonesia you are from?

  16. Lauri: I'm a Bandung girl!!!! ;-D