Friday, September 05, 2008

Will I Meet Him?

Found out the other day while talking to Mom that my brother's baby's due date is actually on October 20th. Ugh...knowing that most first babies are born later than the due date, I don't know if I can meet the baby or not. FYI, I'm flying back to Finland on October 24th.

The "fun" scenario would be that she starts having signs of labor while Arttu and I are still there, so that we can ALL go to the hospital HA HA HA HA HA HA...That'll be good practise for Arttu, as well hi hi hi hi...

When I wondered out loud to Mom about this, she said to me, "Well, if the baby wants to meet his aunt, then he'll go out while you're in Bandung. If not, then..."

It seems that they're going to name him Kenneth (they're gonna call him Ken), but it's not 100% sure yet he he he...Picking a baby's name is TOUGH!!!

My SIL's on her 33rd week of pregnancy and the baby's predicted to be around 2,3 kgs already he he he he he he...Well, whether or not I'll be able to see him, I hope and pray that everything goes well until he comes out to the world.

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