Friday, September 26, 2008

Skin Problem

I've been having acne problem again, which went from worse to worst about a few weeks ago. That was when I decided to change my daily moisturizer. I used to buy a cheap moisturizer, since I really didn't want to pay more if my skin had no problem with it. Since I stopped taking birth control pills, for a few months I experienced horrible acne breakout. The problem got less and less worse as time went by, but the past few weeks it still bothered me so much. Glad to say that ever since I changed my daily moisturizer to a medium-priced one, my skin looks and feels better.

Well, I also decided to wash my face with a different face wash, not acnexus acne scrub, but a milder face wash. I also still try to squeeze out the blackheads that cover my skin regularly since I have big pores. I miss having facials!!! Maybe in Indonesia I should go and have a facial once, but we'll see about it. At least now I've seen improvement after changing the moisturizer and the face wash. :-))))


  1. It is better to use the good one even it's more expensive.

  2. Nyumix: Yeah, that's true, Put!!! I guess back then I hoped that the cheap one worked for my skin hi hi hi...