Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekend Photos: Autumn Is Here

Yep. Autumn has started showing its colours over here. Last Saturday hubby, hubby's brother and girlfriend and I helped my in-laws imbed the new flagpole to the ground. Well, mostly it was hubby and his brother who did the work, but when it was time to erect the LONG flagpole, we needed ALL of us to do so he he he...

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here they are...

It was a sunny day and depended on whether or not the sun was covered by clouds, the temperature ranged from 10-15'C.

My MIL put this flower below indoors.

Here you can see hubby, FIL, and hubby's brother "planting" the base of the flagpole. They had to do lots of sawing and digging and nail hitting he he he...

Making sure that the base is straight. :-))))

Here you can see how long the flagpole that had to be erected on top of the base. Three of us held it steady from one end, whereas Arttu and his brother pushed it up from the other end. We couldn't move before the big screw was on the bottom part of the base. Phew!!!

My MIL joked and said that maybe in the next few decades the grandchildren had to redo the whole thing, since the base would rot again and the flagpole would fall down again he he he he he...

Then I took a walk around the yard and took some pics he he he...The distance from the sauna room to the lake was about 110 steps (yes, I counted!!!). But bear in mind that my legs are short hi hi hi maybe for others it would be only 60 steps??? I counted it so that you would get an idea how big it was. ;-D

MIL also grew blackcurrant (or mustaherukka) and redcurrant (or punaherukka). She said that she'd make them soup later on. We picked a few of these lovely berries and they were TASTY, of course he he he he...Yum, yum...

For dessert that day, we got a bowl full of FRESH strawberries. Mmmmm...lucky me! I didn't have to buy strawberries he he he he he...


  1. lovely shots, Amel. I think autumn start again in couple days :D I like autumn but I don't like rainy in autumn :D

  2. Jul: Glad you enjoyed my pics. Hope there won't be too much rain in Holland, then. ;-D

  3. Beautiful autumn colours. I always welcome a new season and the changes mother nature treats us too.

  4. those photos are great, it really shows what a pretty season fall is!

  5. yes, autumn is coming.. all of your photo's are great, amel... i love strawaberry too :)

  6. yes, autumn is coming.. all of your photo's are great, amel... i love strawaberry too :)

  7. Awesome photo's. Autumn is defiantly coming my allergies are kicking in. Great job.

  8. The photos are beautiful! The weather looks look too. Ah, I do envy you...all the fresh air and sunhine! Enjoy the last days of summer.

  9. I love the photos! Though I'm not happy about the arrival of autumn at all...

  10. Glad you enjoyed the pics, everybody!!!! ;-D

    Dawn: Sorry to hear about your allergy. :-((((