Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting Excited

Oh many things to do still!!! I must start writing a list of things to do, things to buy, things to eat and I also need to start packing tonight so that I know how much space I have left. I still want to buy some things before we go if we still have some space for it he he he he...I can't believe it's only about 12 days left!!! WOOOHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I have some fear too, though...about the crazy traffic in Indo, the weather...and I also have to bear in mind that there are many pickpockets there, so I HAVE to be really wary. I've really started to get used to feeling safe whenever I go around here, so my guard has been down.

What else? Hmmm...I should also buy some frozen food before we fly to Indo 'coz then our fridge will be empty by the time we get back to Finland. Then I also need to burn my photos to a CD so that my parents can see all the unsent photos (they're using a modem, mind you, so I daren't send too many pics to them, and even if I do send them pics, I have to resize them so that the file sizes are small enough).

Since my mind's blank, let me just do this meme which interested me ever since I read it at Juliana RW's blog he he...

1. In which month and year did you met your husband for the first time?
March 2004.

2. In which month and year did you two officially starting dating?
October 4, 1999.

3. Where was the first dating place the two of you went to?
Hmmm...Ice Castle in Kemi in 2004.

4. What was the most touching thing he did to you when you two were still dating?
A day before I was supposed to leave him and go back to Indo in 2004, we hugged and cried together and we had runny noses hi hi hi hi hi hi...

5. How about after your marriage?
Uhhhh...too many to count. It's the little things that he does for me, for example: he warms up my part of the bed and my blanket before I get to bed, he held me tightly while I was crying and he didn't give me any "Mr. Know-It-All" advice, he wants to have a baby with me, etc.

6. Share your lowest period of your life with him.
When we were apart for 4 months after our wedding as I had to wait for my residence permit in Indo. It was HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Share your happiest moment with him.
When we make love HE HE HE HE HE HE...It's hard to write down only ONE happiest moment since there are many and I don't want to take them for granted.

8. Share your saddest moment with him.
Again when we were apart. We're always stronger when we're together. Don't wanna be apart from him anymore. If it's only a few days due to business trip or something like that, then it's OK, but I can't bear to be apart from him for a long period of time. No, siree!!!

9. Share your angriest moment with him.
When he keeps on saying, "We'll see", even though I want him to plan something with me he he he he he he...But I'm getting used to this now, so it doesn't bother me as much anymore. I know now that those words don't mean "no".

10. Share your funniest moment with him.
We have plenty of funny moments. Sometimes when we watch a movie together at home, we'd "create" a different (read: wacky/crazy) story together. And other times we'll sing crazily or dance crazily in front of each other. We'd do anything to make each other laugh. ;-D

11. Share your most frustrated moment with him.
Whenever he says "We'll see" hi hi hi hi...Or when he keeps on gaming even though I've asked him to watch something together he he he...

12. Lastly, when was the last time you two hold hands and walk under the moonlight, like how you used to do?
Like we used to? HAH!!! We didn't have a normal relationship, so now we hold hands every time we watch a movie at home and when we're walking downtown or in my MIL's yard, we also hold hands. It's like a retaliation since we never got to do that while we were dating HI HI HI HI HI HI HI...


  1. Have a WONDERFUL holiday! :-)

    I enjoyed that list. We hold hands when we watch TV or go walking too. The story about you both crying made me want to cry. Oh boy, being apart and only having the internet was hard for us too.

  2. Michelle: THAAANKKKSSS! ;-D Glad you liked the list and yeah...being apart and only having the internet was really too hard to bear he he he...

  3. 12 days to go! Very exciting. But there is always so much to do before going away, isn't there.

    Ice Castle sounds romantic! 4 months apart must have been tough!

  4. The World According to Me: Yes, indeed there are so many things to do he he he...

    And yep, being apart for 4 months was tough, esp. since we had been apart for years already prior to that he he he...

  5. are you ready for traffic jam and 30-35 C ? You can counting down the days since today, right ? ^_*

  6. Ah, so sweet. I love to read about your love story.

  7. I've seen this list of questions around and really enjoy the answers provided - thanks for sharing yours :) have a good time in Indo (is that Indonesia? I'm new to yr blog, my first visit!)

  8. Jeanne: NOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm not ready for traffic jam and 30'C HE HE HE...I'm ready for the food and my family, though! ;-D

    Blur Ting: Glad you enjoyed it! ;-D

    Lynne: THANKS for your visit and glad you enjoyed it. Yep, it's Indonesia! :-))))

  9. beautiful post ^_^.

    over couple days you will in indo :D

  10. I really enjoyed reading this.

    I can't imagine being apart from my husband for that long. The longest we've ever been apart is 2 weeks at a time. That was bad enough.

  11. Amel,

    Everything will be just fine, darling :D!
    Enjoy your trip, have fun and come back bearing ;D!


  12. Jul: YEEESSSSS!!!! I've just started packing today hi hi...;-D

    Anna: Yeah, it's really hard to be apart for so long, but what else could we do? HE HE HE...At least now we're together. ;-D

    Max: THAAANNKKSSSS!!!! Also for your well-wishes. If I'm pregnant when I come back to Finland, you'll be one of the very first to know HE HE HE HE HE...