Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3BT: August 4, 2007

1. Sending messages via Skype to each other. We have two computers at home, one on the left corner (mine) and another one on the right corner. All of a sudden he sent me a LOVELY Skype message, so I replied him by sending "dirty" messages. HE HEH!!! I MISS doing that ever since we lived together!!! ;-D

2. HOT Singaporean instant noodles with an egg on a cold day like this (12'C). YUMMY!!! My stomach definitely smiled SO widely afterwards.

3. Toffee buns with coffee. Funny thing is that this morning I was planning on baking them. Just now my hubby took them out of the freezer to bake 'em. I LOVE being in the same wavelength!!! YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

4. The baby blue sky smiling at me despite the cold weather. Hello, world!!!! ;-D (I LOVE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!)

5. Running as fast as possible towards the door and grabbed my hubby when he came home and hearing his delighted giggle. ;-D I LIVE for those moments!!! ^____________________________^


  1. It's surprising how the 'little' things in life are often the most pleasurable. My Budgies would agree with this: I gave them a leaf of lettuce today and they ate it all in less than five minutes!

  2. Matt: INDEED!!! If you miss the "little" things, you miss A LOT since life consists of abundant "little" things he he he...

    Your budgies ate it in less than 5 minutes? LOVELY!!!

  3. Hi Amel
    The little thigs in life are the best!
    I love my cup of tea at 4 in the evening and drinking coffee in the morning after a hectic workout and also catching up on my blogging
    I love my routines

  4. Frasy: HEY, I LOVE my routine as well!!! I'm not really flexible, though, since I dislike having to "alter" my routine he he he...